Jazzcash & Payoneer Partner Together To Help Pakistan’s Freelancing Youth!

The world has gone through a lot of the major developments over the last few decades. From the invention of computers and the internet to them literally taking over every aspect of our lives is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to these new inventions a complex task that once took hours can be carried out in a matter of mere seconds. A person who is miles away can now be reached without any hassle.

Today, these modern inventions are so embroiled in our everyday lives that even a minute without them leaves us powerless. We live in a time where everything is fast-paced. Every second count. But the brighter side is that this new outlook has opened a world of opportunities for us. One such relief is the benefits of earning online. Freelancing has become a very reliable source of income for the youngsters of the modern age. Especially in Pakistan where almost half of its population is comprised of the youth. We know how popular freelancing is and how it has enabled the youth of our country to become independent.

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A sigh of relief for the talent of Pakistan:

Recently we came across a development that we would like to share with the youth of our country. Especially for freelancers who are mostly dependent on online transfers to receive their payments. “Jazzcash” the popular money transfer app in Pakistan has teamed up with Payoneer to facilitate Freelancers in Pakistan. The partnership will enable Freelancers to receive their funds directly from their Payoneer accounts into their Jazzcash accounts.

How it works:

Another very good thing about all of this is that the process of registration is also very simple. All you have to do is download the Jazzcash app and register. You can then link your Jazzcash account with your Payoneer Account and that’s it. No need for traveling to the bank or documentation. It is that simple!

And this is not all:

You will now receive your funds directly on your Jazzcash Mobile Account from your Payoneer Account. The amount can then be utilized to pay your utility bills, purchase mobile top-ups and make other online payments. You can even transfer those funds to another account as well. Additionally, the funds can also be withdrawn conveniently by visiting any of the 85,000+ JazzCash agents or by visiting the nearest ATM.

To top it all of there seem to be many benefits as well:

  • Real-Time Transfers: Funds from your Payoneer Account will be instantly available for you to use from your Jazzcash account as well.
  • Good Exchange Rates: The involvement of Payoneer promises that we will get better exchange rates for our withdrawals.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount: The app will enable you to withdraw the amount to as low as 1$.
  • No Fee Charged On Withdrawals: JazzCash does not charge any fee for withdrawals from Payoneer Account

Jazz has always lived up to our expectations. With this incredible move, they have literally eliminated a major barrier between the freelancers and their deserved earnings. We all know that before this how much of a hassle there was to transfer money into Pakistan. There was literally no internationally recognized online platform working in the country. Jazzcash has managed to change all of that. For further information on this life-changing development do visit Jazzcash’s website.

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