Jazz Introduces National Song Competition

National songs are the spirit of our Independence Day celebrations.  It drives in us, a strong emotion of patriotism and reminds us about the struggles of our martyrs who fought to give us this priceless freedom.

Ever since we have gotten freedom, tons of evergreen national songs have been produced. No doubt, it brings the spirit of loyalty and unity towards our country amongst our young citizens.

With the same vision in mind; Jazz, one of the biggest telecommunication networks; thought of releasing a new national song for Pakistan’s Diamond Jubilee year but in a unique way.

Jazz intended to inspire everyone with this new national song and desired that it would be loved nationwide by people of all ages, religions, and ethnicities. They were mindful of the idea that the song has the true essence of our traditions, thoughts, and beliefs which makes it very special for the listeners.  

However, the most interesting fact about the derivation of the song comes from a brilliantly innovative idea; a show named as the “National Song Competition”. Despite the fact that we have a huge collection of national songs and national shows and the list keeps increasing each year, such a competition has never been held and telecasted before.

National Song Competition by Jazz

Jazz took the great initiative of launching a musical saga where highly talented Pakistani musician experts were present to judge the rising talent. Along with the idea of entertaining people, promoting young talent, and pumping up the people with love for their country through music; Jazz also targeted to have 75 million customers nationwide through this initiative.

Over 1000 entries came on board out of which the top 10 contestants were selected for the final round. The National Song Competition went live on some of the mainstream TV networks and other streaming platforms across the nation.

On the 11th, 12th, and 13th of August, the program was telecasted live and it turned out to be a mega-blockbuster as singers set the stage on fire with their remarkable performances. The top 10 performers also made it difficult for the judges to come up with the final verdict because each song had beautiful lyrics and breathtaking compositions.

Hassan Bin Tariq

All the contestants were phenomenal, but Hassan Bin Tariq from Kashmir conquered the battle. Every performer gave their best shot, but Hassan’s soothing voice and lyrics of the song; which came straight from his heart and struck the hearts of the listeners; led the judges to declare him the winner after a detailed analysis of each performance.

Hassan also got the chance to produce a music video for his song through which he showed his perspective and vision behind the song. This brings alive state-of-the-art audio and video production facilities.

The song was officially released on all social media and mainstream media platforms and mainstream media. Moreover, Hassan was also featured at the official flag hoisting ceremony on 14th August 2022 by the government of Pakistan.

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