Jazz Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary With A Promise Of Many More Glorious Years To Come!

Since the use of mobile phones became common back in the days, one of the first network providers in Pakistan was Mobilink. Mobilink, now known as Jazz, has also transformed over the years and keeping up with the pace of the world it has never failed in providing Pakistanis with a mobile network they could always trust. Jazz has always been the #1 choice when it comes to deciding upon a mobile network.

-They now celebrate their silver jubilee!

“Jazz was launched with a promise of connecting Pakistan and 25 years on, we empower 60 million Pakistanis through the country’s largest voice and data network, high-speed mobile internet, innovative VAS offerings, and financial services,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz. “Our journey has been about focusing on access even in the remotest regions, a customer-centric approach and a commitment to affordable digital tools for all.”

The Celebration Of The 25th Anniversary:

The network, since its inception, is running on the vision to support the growth of the digital economy of Pakistan. Jazz always strives to bring the best in technology and advancements for its loyal customers.

Jazz’s technical superiority is evident given the company has the largest data user base at over 36.5 million, most of whom are using the best-in-class Super 4G technology that has been awarded as the fastest 4G in Pakistan three times in a row by Ookla.

On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, Jazz is celebrating its efforts of initiating the change in the digital ecosystem in the country. When successful, it will enable Jazz to interact with adjacent industries, customers, partners, and even its competition simultaneously.

The move will bring the customers and the service providers closer than ever. This step will revolutionize the mobile industry of Pakistan.

The effort for further change in the digital ecosystem will give the Pakistani telecommunication industry a much-needed break from the competitive nature of today’s market. The step will also put the customers at the forefront, which is amazing. Jazz on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary is looking for a change in the dynamics of the Pakistani mobile industry.

But That is Not All:

For their 25th anniversary, Jazz has planned many things. The central thought behind Jazz’s 25-year campaign commemorates the fact that the telco has always been ahead of its game, however, the best is yet to come as it has just gotten started- Abhitousirfshuru’athaiaglay 25 bhisath hain!

For this purpose, a beautiful TVC has been shot in four exquisite locations across Pakistan. The film showcases in a very artistic manner how Jazz has been defying the norms and changing the digital landscape of the country for years and is geared to take on the future with the millennial youth right by its side.

On Instagram, Jazz asks its participants to share their vision of a futuristic Pakistan. We can’t wait for the interesting ideas that are coming our way. We all know that Pakistanis are very creative and let’s see how they have envisioned their country for the future.

Secondly, Jazz plays on the theme of nostalgia and calls out participants to share their favorite memory with Jazz from the past 25 years. The winner of the best story gets a giveaway from Jazz. Interesting, isn’t it?

Continuing with the celebrations, Jazz is also launching a new revamped website alongside offering its valuable customers a generous 25% off on the Weekly Mega Super Duper bundle.

The functions of mobile phones have just increased over the years, and it is safe to say that now it’s like a “Minicomputer” present in your pockets. Jazz has seen through this process of revolution with utmost dedication as they have remained in equal footing with the change in technology. Jazz prides itself in connecting, digitizing and revolutionizing Pakistan in their 25-year history.

Congratulations to Jazz on completing their 25 years in Pakistan and we wish they sail through many more glorious years to come. 

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