Jawad Ahmad & Shaan’s Political Debate Turns Into A Heated Fight

jawad ahmad and shaan

Pakistani singer-turned politician Jawad Ahmad and actor Shaan Shahid got miffed with each other with their political differences. Jawad criticized the current PTI government and Prime Minister Imran Khan while Shaan also took a dig at him for his opinion.

Jawad has always been critical of PM Imran in the past too. In 2017, he criticized the PM for passing sexist remarks against Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Jawad also once called PM Khan a wannabe politician. And, now he has once again pointed fingers at him for not helping people in this coronavirus crisis.

“Imran Khan is shrewd and shallow. Even now, he is playing politics over the Sindh government. Corona Tigers are more important to him than the lives of people,” he wrote on Twitter.

Shaan who is a strong supporter of PM didn’t like Jawad’s comment and asked about the credibility of other ‘corrupt’ political parties in the country.

Jawad Ahmad clapped back at Shaan

Now, Jawad has come up with a befitting reply for Shaan in a video.

“Usually, I don’t respond to such comments and I really respect everyone from the showbiz industry, but it is important for me to answer Shaan’s question,” he said in the video.

“When he asked me where I was when there was corruption, so I was exactly where you were. I was singing. I was in the industry. However, in 2018, I contested in the elections. I’m a part of politics, therefore I can critique. Imran Khan is the prime minister, I have a right to criticize him,” he added.

Jawad is a popular singer in Pakistan and is the chairman of Barabri Party Pakistan. He has been a part of politics for many years now. He formed his political party on the philosophy of equitable distribution of resources and access to opportunities for all citizens of Pakistan regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality or gender.

However, on the other hand, Shaan has been an active supporter of PM Imran Khan. He always showed his support and love to him through social media. He is also very local about his opinions. He has often been caught in controversies due to his outspoken nature. Earlier, he made headlines when he pinpoints people from Karachi and accuses them of the failure of his film ‘Arth’.

It is good to have a difference of opinion and it even better when celebrities get involved in discussions that matter. It also shows how enthusiastic and aware they are for the betterment of the country and their countrymen. We know wait what Shaan has to say.


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