Son Of Javed Nihari’s Owner Just Got Married And People Can’t Stop Trolling The ‘Rung-Baranga’ Dulha!

We Pakistanis love eating and why wouldn’t we? Our Biryani, Haleem, Nihari are like no other food. There is absolute no competition when it comes to Pakistani cuisine. Everything we do is associated with eating. We go out to someone’s place, we eat we hang out with friends, we eat. Weddings are all about “khana kab khulay ga” we stay in and watch a movie, we order food and eat. It is all about food.

As a result of Mughal legacy, Pakistan also mutually inherited many recipes and dishes from that era alongside India. Within Pakistan, cuisine varies greatly from region to region, reflecting upon the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity. Food from the eastern provinces of Punjab and Sindh can be highly seasoned and spicy, which is characteristic of the flavors of the South Asian region. Food in other parts of Pakistan, particularly Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also hold distinct tastes based on various regional influences.

However, Karachi is mainly known for its Biryani and Nihari. The spices are what we karachiites live for, after all! One of Pakistan’s famous food point is Delhi Javed restaurant famous as Javed Nihari. Javed Nihari is famous because of its amazing Nihari! It is located in Federal B. Area in Karachi.


Recently, Javed Nihari’s owner’s son got married and his picture went viral on social media. He wore something rather too formal and people are going crazy about it!

Here’s what he wore!


Let’s see what people have to say about this!




Lalu Khaiti Kapre.. UHH OH!




Not sure if this is supposed to be funny…..

Weddings are very important and special too. People wait all their lives for this one special occasion that entirely changes their lives. What our take on this is, it should be ones own choice to dress however they like. Be it casual or formal, without caring about what people think because at the end of the day, its our LIFE and we are here to please no one.

Honestly though, LIVE AND LET IT!


Apart from the serious talks though, we are really happy for the groom and the family who has been serving our tummies some very yummylicious NIHARI. What we are curious about is, did they also only have Nihari at the wedding? HAHAHHA.

Since they aim to be “Only the BEST Nihari restaurant in the whole world”, we hope they keep growing and keep serving us their amazing mouthwatering Nihari always! Oh, and the next time you crave Nihari, do not forget to visit their restaurant and according to them,  “It is a very busy restaurant due to its quality services and it closes early at night as all the Nihari often finishes by 10 pm! So, if you want to have an excellent dining experience be sure to reach there by 8 pm or so and you’ll be lucky enough to wait for only a short time for a table to be vacated”

Hahaha! Too cute honestly!

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