Javed Akhtar Tweets against Afridi over the Kashmir Issue and Pakistanis Didn’t Spare Him At All

With one tweet, Shahid Afridi just has caused a massive upheaval across the border. More and more Indians have come to notice it and expressed their resentment over Afridi’s tweets. Basically, the cricketer expressed his solidarity with Kashmiris who continue to face persecution at the hands of the Indian army.

Shahid Afridi shed light on some grim facts and reality which the majority across the border does not buy. Fair enough, they continue to defend their mandate on social media platforms which sometimes lead them to accept lies. With that being said, celebrities, sports personalities and the general public in India took to social media to bash Afridi.

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One of them was Javed Akhtar, a veteran director who needs no introduction. He went on tweeting against Afridi’s sentiments and it has gone viral. But Pakistanis were quick to notice and waged a war on Javed Akhtar.

Javed Akhtar’s call-out charge on Shahid Afridi the other day…

Too cliched and mainstream, doesn’t really put a strong argument across. As usual, the issue has been trending for quite a while now and people have not spared a single chance to knock some sense into an Indian who would speak against Afridi or more importantly, defend their country’s brutality and push the blame on Pakistan Army.

And here it begins…

Not coming slow



Absolutely not!

You cannot deny but most Pakistanis are ever so attached to boom boom Afridi that they cannot gulp down hate against him. Meanwhile, the Kashmir issue is very vulnerable, millions of lives have been compromised and since the issue does not seem to be resolved any time in future, it may just be said that the victims may continue to face the persecution at the hands of a large, politically twisted issue.

What do you guys think about it?

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