Javed Akhtar Took Up A Fight With PM Imran Khan On Twitter Over Kashmir, But He Only Embarrassed Himself!

Javed Akhtar Sahab is an Indian born poet, lyricist, and screenwriter who has garnered much fame and respect through his work. However, his credibility in Pakistan diminished over time due to his vocal resentment towards India’s partition including his hypocritical stances on several issues pertaining to the Indian Muslims.

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Moreover, Javed Sahab has a perfect grasp on the modern-day Twitter warfare where he attacks any notable Pakistani personality online who speaks against India in any form or way. He is known for his taunting and insulting remarks, reducing much from his dignified, highly-learned and respectful persona.

Sadly, he would rather argue over social media trying to prove the Pakistanis false as he tries to highlight the problems within Pakistan in his attempt to ‘ridicule’ instead of using his image, the international platform he rightfully earned and popularity for causes that matter. Like, the current occupied-Kasmir lockdown and human rights violations being committed on a mass scale by Indian troops in the valley leaving thousands of poor Kashmiris in a state of terror, horror, and grief.

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But Javed Akhtar chose to attack Prime Minister Imran Khan On Twitter instead, who is raising his voice for the helpless Kashmiris and Muslim minorities in India.

Imran Khan raised a valid point comparing Modi and his extremist Hindu supremacist government to the Nazis that tried to wipe out an entire race by carrying out genocide and massacres. The similarities in patterns, agendas, and ideologies between the Nazis and BJP rulers regarding ethnic cleansing are uncanny.

Imran clearly worried, Tweeted, “The Hindu Supremacist Modi Govt poses a threat to Pakistan as well as to the minorities in India & in fact to the very fabric of Nehru & Gandhi’s India. To understand the link between Nazi ideology & the ethnic cleansing & genocide ideology of RSS-BJP Founding Fathers just Google”.

To this Akhtar Sahab replied making disappointing remarks showing his ill-intentions with one aim only; a comeback that demeans Pakistan.

Javed replied, “Dear Mr. Imraan Khan, I am deeply touched that you are so worried about the “ very fabric of Nehru n Gandhi’s India”. By the way, it was the same fabric of Nehru n Gandhi’s India that was torn by your Qaid-e- Azam in 1947 . Remember???”

Conveniently bringing up India’s partition claiming that Quaid-e-Azam ‘tore’ India in 1947. He then continues to answer Imran Khan and tweets again, this time making a sarcastic comment all for the sake of defending his own country when the entire world has witnessed its leaders for what they really are; butchers.

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Javed tweets, “Imraan saheb. I will be ungrateful if I don’t show my gratitude for your concern about the Indian minorities. I can’t imagine, if you care so much for others how compassionate n protective you must be towards the Hindus, Christians, Ahmadiyas Mohajir n Blochs of your own country”

It was only a matter of time that the people of Pakistan pointed out the hypocrisy Javed exudes!

True! In India, there’s an unspoken fear where one needs to constantly prove their patriotism.

Leading back to the tweet earlier.

Probably not.

At least Prime Minister Imran Khan is using the social media platform he possesses reaching out to millions for causes and issues that gravely matter. It is disappointing when respected and reputed personalities use media for point scoring and personal grudges. He may have gained the favor of his own Indian people but that would only take him so far.

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