Javed Akhtar Wants To End Azaan On Loudspeakers, Says It 'Discomforts Others'

Javed Akhtar Wants To End Azaan On Loudspeakers, Says It ‘Discomforts Others’

Javed Akhtar Azzan

Anti-Muslim powers across India are subjugating Muslims. Although there are more than 400 million Muslims in India, certain people are benefiting Muslims of their basic Islamic rights. Sadly, not only orthodox Hindus but certain artists like Javed Akhtar are also speaking against Islamic principles.

Recently, the renowned, lyricist Javed Akhtar tweeted and urged authorities to ban Azan on the mic. “Azaan is fine but loudspeaker does cause of discomfort for others I hope that at least this time they will do it themselves,” says Javed.

Javed Akhtar said such words that hurt and irked Muslims across the globe. These actors never say anything about “Mandir Bhajan” or long rallies chanting Hindus scriptures, but they certainly have problems with Muslims and Islamic norms.

Javed Akhtar Azzan

Source: Deccan herald

People on social media reacted heavily to the tweet of Javed Akhtar

People are disagreeing

‘Why would we care about your opinion ??’


Really is he an atheist?

The marginalization of Muslims spurred in India after the rise of Hindutva, which led to the revocation of article 370 and the CAA bill. Following this, huge protests of Muslims erupted in India; however, the Modi government indiscriminately crushed the protestors. Many saying, Javed’s yearning for the banning of Azzan is a part of the Hiduvata and Islam hatred policy.

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