Japanese Musician Thanks Pakistanis For Helping Him Reach 10K+ Followers On Instagram

Pakistanis japanese musician junaid akram

The world of today is becoming incredibly digitized. Apparently, connectivity and globalization are going hand in hand and people are easily capable of sharing warm sentiments with each other. Just like Recently a Japanese musician, Kenta Shoji got famous on Instagram with some help of a Pakistani Youtuber and he thanked Pakistanis.

Simultaneously, street music is something that is met with complete adoration and admiration around the globe. It is always loved and people admire the stars playing on the street to earn.

Interestingly, Pakistani YouTuber Junaid Akram aka Ganjiswag who also raised voice for education now introduced Pakistanis to a soulful star and also requested them to follow him on Instagram. This soulful musician is a Japanese street musician and has been winning many hearts with his music.

Pakistanis japanese musician dil dil pakistan
Image: Instagram

This young and talented Japanese star also told Akram that he wanted to get more followers; hence Akram requested all his followers to support him too.

Japanese musician ‘Kenta Shoji’ thanks Pakistanis

Surprisingly, within a small passage of time, the Japanese musician, identified as Kenta Shoji, now has 10K plus followers. Since then, the young and talented musician extends his gratitude by sharing iconic Pakistani songs on his page!

Recently, he adds on his Instagram story, the most iconic and beloved song of Pakistan. Dil Dil Pakistan, by Junaid Jamshed (late). And Pakistanis are in complete awe.

Pakistanis japanese musician junaid akram
Source: Instagram

Amazed and nostalgic at the same time, Pakistanis will surely share the same feelings of gratitude and adoration for Shoji for sure. It is indeed a great aspect to see how Pakistanis are now receiving such love and admiration beyond borders as well.

Above all, we would like to wish this Japanese star all the very best for the future. We hope that he keeps remembering Pakistanis on great terms in the future also.

It is always inspiring and and mesmerizing to listen to iconic Pakistani songs, as they are a complete package, however having foreigners sharing our favorite songs is indeed a dream come true!

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