He Rides Over Tiger & Stops Plane With Bare Hands. Who’s This TikTok Star?

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Pakistan’s TikTok star Jam Safdar has become the ultimate source of entertainment for many during the ongoing quarantine period. He is pleasing people with his incredible video editing skills. Safdar has surely become a social media sensation in the country now.

At a time when we can’t even go anywhere as per our will, this man is flying anywhere he wants to. In his videos, Safdar is seen traveling on planes, trains, buses, and motorbikes. And, don’t forget…no one can stop him.

He can just stop a moving train to take a selfie. He is flying visa-free on the wings of an airplane with a Dhoom Machale beat. In one of his videos, he became a rocket that later went into the sky. In the next video, he is in an air balloon basket. He can even put on wings and fly like an angel.

Because of his funny editing skills and concepts, Safdar has made several fans on social media who are watching his videos in quarantine. Initially, he posted videos just for passing his time. But now, since these videos all are going viral and being liked by people, they are requesting him to never stop working on those videos.

Here’s a compilation of Safdar’s most-watched and popular TikTok videos. We are sure that it will stop your urge to travel anywhere (laughs).

Twitter is in love with Safdar

The COVID-19 pandemic can dampen our spirits but it won’t deter the talent in Pakistan to show-off their skills. Safdar is bringing joy to our lonely lives these days. Twitter is in love with his skills and calling him a ‘magician’. He has a solution to any problem unlike many of us.

Not only him, a few days back, singer Taher Shah also came up with his new song ‘Farishtay‘ which also lift our mood for a bit. People were eagerly waiting for his song to get a few moments of joy amidst this coronavirus crisis. The video itself was a piece of work. Pakistan has a lot of talent in every field, either it’s about comedy, singing, acting or good looks. Remember the famous chaiwala? Winks.


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