Jack Dorsey Claimed That India Threatened To Shut Twitter

Jack Dorsey India Twitter

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter recently during an interview shared that the Indian government threatened to shut down Twitter and raid employees.

The whole world knows about the BJP party, one of the most barbarian and Islamophobic parties that have always tortured Indian Muslims and showcased their power in front of the world.

Jack Dorsey India Twitter
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Right after the interview, the   Indian government dismissed it as an “outright lie”. For those who don’t know, Jack Dorsey left the company back in 2021 and he set up the bar of the platform.

On Monday, he joined an interview session where interviewers asked him about the difficulties he faced from other countries’ governments.

He ultimately picked India and we all have witnessed the Indian government targeting journalists and activists on Twitter.

India Threatened Twitter To Shut Down, Jack Dorsey

The interview was taken by the US-based YouTube Channel, where Mr. Dorsey said “Countries like India and Turkey made many requests to us to take down journalists’ accounts that give tactile information and remove them from the platform”.

Outright Lie': Centre After Jack Dorsey Said Indian Govt 'Pressurised'  Twitter During Farmer Protest
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He added that he was “surprised at the level of engagement and requests” by governments of the world to censor content on the platform during his time.

“India, for example, was a country that had many requests around the farmers’ protests, around particular journalists that were critical of the government,” he said.

Indian Government Deny All The Allegations

“It manifested in ways such as: ‘we will shut Twitter down in India’ – which is a very large market for us; ‘we will raid the homes of your employees,’ which they did; ‘we will shut down your offices if you don’t follow suit.’ And this is India, a democratic country,” Mr. Dorsey told the show’s hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti.

Twitter was also asked to censor journalists critical of the government, he alleged.

India has denied the allegations and accused Twitter of violating laws.

“This is an outright lie… Perhaps an attempt to brush out that very dubious period of Twitter’s history,” federal minister Rajeev Chandrashekar tweeted on Tuesday.

No One Went to Jail

“No one went to jail nor was Twitter ‘shutdown’. Dorsey’s Twitter regime had a problem accepting the sovereignty of Indian law. It behaved as if the laws of India did not apply to it.”

Jack Dorsey’s comments undoubtedly made the American-based YouTube channel overnight popular and reached the breaking point.

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During the farmer protest in India, the Indian government forced Twitter to shut over 250 accounts in which news magazines and activists, and organizations associated with supporting the months-long protests on the outskirts of Delhi.

But later Twitter restored every single account and captioned “insufficient justification” for continuing the suspension.

Right after that, the Indian government ordered Twitter to immediately block the accounts again and told the company’s employees in India that legal action would be taken – which could be up to seven years in prison – if they did not comply.

There was a time when the Indian government hijacked Twitter and tried to rule over digital platforms.

Twitter responded, saying it would not block accounts belonging to media companies, journalists, activists, and politicians because that would “violate their fundamental right to free expression under the Indian law”.

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