Meet Jabir Khan – The New Instagram Sensation

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A 24-year-old Jabir Khan, from Peshawar, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates has started making videos of Quran Recitation in a unique way.

His aim is to inspire the youth to use the social media in a good way. In 2015, he uploaded his first video on Instagram, Jabir was not expecting so much support and love from people around the world in a very short time.

He got 17.7k followers in just one and half year. Jabir Khan’s videos are retweeted several times by “Mishary Rashid Alafasy” the very famous Quran reciter from Kuwait.

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Here are some of the videos from Jabir Khan’s Instagram account.

. صلّوا على سيد الثقلين محمد ﷺ ❤️ . #جابر_خان

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More power to you boy!

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