Jab Pakistan Bolta hai Tou Dushman Chup Kerjata Hai!

Jab Pakistan Bolta hai Tou Dushman Chup Kerjata Hai!


India and Pakistan have hardly shared cordial relationship with each other. The rivalry between the two countries was given birth by the extensive communal viciousness and clashes that denoted the Partition of British India into India and Pakistan in 1947 and the consequent Kashmir clash, laid the foundation to current tension between the two countries.

The government of both India and Pakistan has taken numerous steps to support peace between the two countries but all the efforts went in vain. Not all the Indians encourage the idea to promote friendly relations between India and Pakistan and same is the case with some of the Pakistanis. The common people of India and Pakistan also have negative sentiments about each other and leave no chance to ridicule the rival nation. That is why whenever a competition (may it be of any sort) takes place between India and Pakistan, none of the countries accept defeat easily as too much emotions are involved.

Every Indian and Pakistani on an individual level try to defend their nation and whenever any person from India or Pakistan says anything against their country, they never fail to respond to them. This video is also based on such an incident.

In this video, an Indian extremist is shown saying a lot of negative things about Pakistan and Muslims and is labeling them being a terrorist nation. She also accuses Pakistan to be a weak country. However, a young Pakistani decided to respond to her to defend the pride of his country Pakistan and his religion, Islam. He has made it clear that Pakistanis cannot tolerate any accusations on their homeland and will defend it to death. Watch this amazing video to see how amazingly this young Pakistani defends Pakistan. The intensity of his passion and the love for Pakistan can be evidently seen in this video.


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