We Asked Pakistanis About “Izhaar-e-Mohabbat” In Public And The Answers Were Too Much To Handle!

As many would find it cringeworthy and inappropriate, PDA is something that people don’t approve of. In Pakistan, even if there’s a married couple walking around holding hands, people would stare at them as if they’re up to no good or have committed a major sin! However, that’s a bit too extreme now, isn’ it? Matlab, it’s just holding hands, guys. No need of your haw, haye, and astaghfirullah. 

Keeping this in mind, we were curious to know what the public has to say in general about Public Display of Affection (PDA) or in simpler words, ‘izhaar-e-mohabbat’ in public! So, we asked our audience on Instagram what they had to say!

And the responses were…. well… have a look at them yourself!

1. ” I think duniya ko dikhana zaruri nahi but jahan zaruri hai, wahan thora bht chalega”


2. “It’s fine as long as they’re not harming anyone”


3. “It’s good but hasad wali nazar on them is not good”


4. “Izhaar e mohabbat call pe karo takay pitayi na ho”

We Heart It

5. “With mehram wallah, with na mehram Astaghfirullah”


6. “As long as you abroad it’s cute. In Pakistan, it’s besharmi”


7. “I don’t think it is a big deal. Bas over na ho jayen baaki sab sahi hai”


8. “I think the two should keep these things private! It should be kept away from buri nazar “


9. “You can do it but keeping in mind the limits”


10. “Akele mein karne ka maza hi kuch aur hai. Better not to do in public”


However, it seems like after analyzing the survey data, it turns out that the majority of the awaam was okay with PDA and the answers were actually in favor

Let us know what you think about PDA! If you think it’s okay, do tell us to what extent.

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