“It’s Hades Night”-Here’s The Complete List BAFTA Gaming Awards 2021

Video games have changed the whole perspective of viewing the gaming world differently. Gamers all over the world appreciate games with the remarks and the developers get satisfied with the success of it.

But apart from that, as mentioned before gaming has become an industry just like any other entertainment ones out there. This year some amazing titles set to be released.

Video game awards also take place to see which game got the most critic votes along with the audience as well.

Every year games and their franchises enhance their credibility in terms of producing breathtaking visual gaming.

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Last night 2020 gaming mega-event took place where many of the unexpected games captured the spotlight and became the headline.

Although this year many of the best developers going to produce outstanding games and will get nominated next year for the BAFTA Awards.

Let the show begin:

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BAFTA is commonly known as British Academy Film Awards who not only covers the mainstream reality world but also appreciates the virtual fictional gaming world as well.

The night started with the gorgeous host Elle Osili-Wood’s speech, which covers the positivity of gaming during lockdown that kept everyone up.

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She said, “Games, and the developers behind them, have proven themselves to be more essential than ever,”

“In 2020, games connected us in a way that wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago.”

There’s no shocking, that one of the most played games during lockdown “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” grabbed two awards of the evening.

Hades The Ultimate Action Adventure

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But the whole show stole by the “Hades” with the surprising win of the Best Game of 2020. As per the critics, it holds the unique gameplay with the distinguished art style that made Hades stand above all.

It’s the power-packed Ancient Action Adventure theme that grabbed the vast attention of the gamers out there.

It’s a big thing for the creative director of Hades “The trust that we put in each other – both were tested in some respects but was just it’s what got us through into this,”

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Even Studio Director and Co-Founder Amir Rao agree with the people’s view, “Hades was a game that a lot of people played for a long time, and hopefully it helped them in some way, and they came out with a lasting positive impression as a result of their time with it.”

Fans Still in Love with Ellie:

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Naughty Dog’s title “Last of Us Part II” dominated with the 13 record-breaking nominations. There’s no denying, that this title appears in the nomination and walks out without any award in their bag.

They have been dominating since it got released in various award events. This year Last of Us Part II grabbed two awards in different categories.

Apart from the high-end violence, controversies twisted plot still get a positive reaction from the critics and players.

Honor Awards got Diversify:

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Siobhan Reddy one of the known people in the gaming industry honored with the Bafta Fellowship for her contribution as the director of games company Media Molecule who’s behind games like LittleBigPlanet and Dreams.

In her winning speech, Siobhan said, “It’s incredibly humbling. I went through a lot of emotions, and I came out the other end of just feeling incredibly grateful, incredibly moved, and incredibly motivated. I’m delighted.”

All in One Winners Pack:

With the major awards discussed, it’s time to look at other winners who got the opportunity to hold the BAFTA award and joy the moment.

Animation: The Last of Us Part 2

Artistic Achievement: Hades

Audio Achievement: Ghost of Tsushima

Best Game: Hades

British Game: Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Debut Game: CarrionEvolving

Game: Sea of Thieves

Family: Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Game Beyond Entertainment: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Game Design: Hades

Multiplayer: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Music: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Narrative: Hades

Original Property: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

Performer in a Leading Role: Laura Bailey (The Last of Us Part 2)

Performer in a Supporting Role: Logan Cunningham (Hades)

Technical Achievement: Dreams

EE Game of the Year: The Last of Us Part 2

Last year surely looks bombastic for the gaming world even though the pandemic breakthrough happened and affected some of the developer’s which let them delay their major AAA titles further.

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