WATCH: Item Song Dance Performed By Ayesha Omar At A Friend’s Wedding Gets Slammed

ayesha omar wedding dance slammed

As Ayesha Omar danced her heart out at a close friend’s wedding, her fans and followers not only criticized her but also slammed and hurled both offensive and inappropriate comments at her. But the diva once again handled the flak gracefully.

Omar often becomes a target for criticism as well for her boldness, but her signature style is loved not only by fans but also by her peers.

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While it was gratifying to see the Lahore Se Aagey actor, Ayesha Omar, and her friends dance heart-to-heart at a close friend’s wedding, social media users were not only slammed her but also made offensive comments.

Nonetheless, Omar certainly knows how to shut down trolls. Remember the time she addressed an unkind comment on social media directed at her and other star Pakistani women? She eloquently schooled an age-shaming troll.

The Bulbulay actor recently slipped into a black sleeveless lehenga choli and danced to a Bollywood item song Munni Badnaam Hui at a friend’s wedding.

Have a look at the video:

“So much fun this was,” Omar commented on her steps after a local media publication shared her dancing clip on their Instagram handle. “Barely practiced our dance together with my mad mad work schedule. But managed even with a glass bangle piece stuck in my left foot.”

“And little bros didn’t drop me,” she added. “Thank God.”

of course, some commenters could not resist being haters.

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Intolerance persists in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where celebrities are no stranger to backlash over their lifestyle choices. While healthy criticism is always welcome, some people go way out of line with their harsh remarks.

Ayesha Omar deals with trolls gracefully

In response to a user who asked, “How much does she charge for a dance at a wedding?”, Omar had none of it and went on to respond. “She does not dance at random weddings,” wrote the actor. “Only friends’ and relatives’. This was a close friend’s wedding and this was for fun. Not for money.”

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“She does not charge anything at all,” she added. “We also live normal lives like all of you. We also dance at friends’ and relatives’ weddings like some of you, when we can make time to practice with our crazy work schedules. It’s not easy but we manage.”

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“Not everything is for money guys. Some of it is to feed your soul. Dancing with my close friend is soul food for me,” she concluded.

When Omar recently posed in a fake golden bronze tan at an event, social media users snorted with bewilderment.

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