Depicting Atrocities In Palestine! Israel Pressurizes Netflix To Cancel “Farha” Film

Israel Cancel Netflix Over Farha

Israeli government representatives are presently opposing the Netflix movie Farha by Darin Sallam, which shows Zionist soldiers killing a Palestinian family during the 1948 battle. According to The Guardian, the protesters criticised the true story-based movie for “creating a false narrative.”

The story of Farha centres on a 14-year-old girl who is imprisoned by her father in a storage closet during the Nakba, the Arabic term for the ethnic cleansing and uprooting of nearly 700,000 Palestinians. Farha sees the massacre of a whole family, including an infant and two little children, by advancing Israeli soldiers via a gap in the pantry door.

Jordan’s Oscar entry for 2023 is the debut film by Jordanian director Darin J Sallam, which has been screened at numerous film festivals across the world since it was released last year. Despite numerous objections, it started streaming to a global audience on Netflix on Thursday.

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s departing finance minister, said in a statement: “It’s crazy that Netflix opted to stream a movie whose entire objective is to create a false pretence and agitate against Israeli soldiers. In addition, Lieberman declared he would consider stopping state financing for the Jaffa, Israel, theatre that showed the movie, Al Saraya, which has a large Arab population. Israel’s cultural minister, Hili Tropper, claimed that Farha depicted “falsehoods and libels” and that screening it in an Israeli theatre “is a disgrace.”

However, Palestinians and others who support them have stepped up their defence of the video, insisting that nothing in it differs from what actually occurred. Numerous people have endorsed Sallam and praised it for accurately depicting the Palestinian suffering during the events of 1948. Zionist militias used a dual strategy that involved attacking Palestinian villages while hoping that word of the atrocities would prompt others to flee.

Sallam has previously stated in interviews that she created Farha because while many narrative films tell the stories of Palestinians, very few of them concentrate on the causes of the conflict and occupation.

She claims that Farha tells the tale of a friend Sallam’s mother met when they were young in Syria. “The tale made its way to me through the years. It has stuck with me. The director told Arab News, “When I was a kid, I had this fear of closed, dark places and I kept thinking of this girl and what happened to her. This is the reason I made the movie. I’m loyal to the account I heard, not because I’m politically motivated, she continued.

Sharing the tale with the entire world felt like Sallam’s personal mission. “I want them [the audience] to experience this young girl’s journey. I want them to understand that Palestine was a country with inhabitants who were going about their daily lives and having both happy and sad times before it was all cut short, she said.

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