Islamic University President Buys Rs.3 Lac iPhone From Fund, People Are Furious

Unfortunately, our filthy society is filled with elements of corruption no matter how big or small that be. Time to time, we witness stories of greed related to a particular authoritative power and no action is taken against such.

Be it any field, any sector, or any institution, at some point corruption individuals are exposed and criticized by the public. Similarly, Pakistani cricketer, Umar Akmal is now banned from all formats after facing corruption charges. Well, currently, a similar yet different corruption case is circulating on social media and netizens are demanding an inquiry.

Institutional money for personal use

Apparently, it seems like the case is from last year but now it has gathered massive attention with sheer hatred. As per the details, the viral tweet is against the President of a well-reputed university of Islamabad and its extremely shameful. Certainly, there’s no doubt that educational institutes have become a core money-minting business over the years.

According to the acquired details, the case emerged from the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). The institution’s President is now facing allegations of buying a 3 lac rupees iPhone for personal use. The issue came in after he used the university’s fund to fulfill his obsessive need which is no less than any crime.

Twitteratis aggressively react to the scenario

A picture of the approved notification is now surfacing on the internet and netizens don’t seem to leave it anytime soon. Mainly, the issue has triggered the students as even in this coronavirus pandemic, they are paying hefty tuition fees. But what for? So that such ill-minded individuals can buy expensive things for themselves?

Check out some of the important reactions on the matter

Well, not the first case and won’t even be the last until the legal authorities won’t take strict action with punishment. Not only this but, at times university heads are also been under the accusation of sexual harassment. Some time back, the Head Of Department (HOD) of Gomal University was guilty of harassing female students and this needs to stop.

Gomal University is in Dera Ismail Khan and is one of the reputable universities in the vicinity of the area. Reports revealed that the dean of Arts Prof Salah ud Din was the culprit behind the ghastly act. Over hundreds of students had complaints regarding him. He would also threaten the students to stay quiet.

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