ISLAMIC STATE (IS) Publishes Mother’s Guide To Raise Jihadi Babies!

A guidebook for young mothers with tips on how to raise a Mujahid Child has recently been released by ISLAMIC STATE (IS). The guidebook outlines the techniques ISLAMIC STATE (IS) believes will help develop the body and a jihadi spirit of the new generation of terrorist fighters.

The guidebook serves as the latest propaganda move by the ISLAMIC STATE (IS). The book entitled “Sister’s Role in Jihad’ seeks to convince their loyalists that the most important role that women can play in Jihad is to raise their children not only in spirit but also to develop their bodies so as to enhance their physical ability to fight by rigorously training them.

According to ISLAMIC STATE (IS), the key to success lies in introducing the value of Jihad to the children when they are babies. The guidebook which has recently been released online says:  “Do not wait for them to turn 7 to start, by then, it may be too late.”

It advocated the mothers to tell bedtime stories to their kids about Jihadis and extremist fighters. They are also advised to completely ban TV, because (as per the guide), watching TV results in a physical and mental loss. The sole thing it allows is the usage of multimedia which will strengthen up their Jihadi spirit.

To get the children interested in jihad and to motivate them to become like Mujahideen, the guidebook advises the mothers to get the military book with pictures and other books, CDs, Videos of a similar genre. The book also suggests them to utilize internet resources for this purpose.

Additionally, the guidebook for mothers by ISLAMIC STATE (IS) advises mothers to come up with a makeshift enemy or a punching bag to build the strength of the child and to control and channel their anger.

As far as physical training is concerned, ISLAMIC STATE (IS) motivates mothers to introduce ‘target shooting’ to their kids, through toy guns and toy military sets. ISLAMIC STATE (IS) debates that darts help in developing a good hand and eye coordination. The guidebook for mothers by ISLAMIC STATE (IS) suggests that adding military games should make them interested in military matters.

ISLAMIC STATE (IS) also believes that the child Mujahid should be able to perform martial arts, should know how to swim, drive and ride on horse-back. The young soldier should have refined archery skills, according to the guidebook for mothers by ISLAMIC STATE (IS). The capability of navigating oneself in an unfamiliar environment is another expectation.

One of the research institutions American Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is of an opinion that ISLAMIC STATE (IS) released this guidebook to gain the attention of the West. The Jihadi groups are making a lot of effort to indoctrinate and brainwash the next generation of extremist fighters.

The writers of the guidebook are still unknown, but their motive is clear.

In June, The Human Rights Watch announced that ISLAMIC STATE (IS) recruits kids as young as 13 years old, providing them training with weapons and sending them to battlefields.

The recent release of the guidebook for mothers by ISLAMIC STATE (IS) comes after the reports of an Italian mother seeing a photo of her son in a propaganda poster by ISLAMIC STATE (IS). Lidia Herrera claims that her child, who is now three years old, is being raised by extremists after the death of his father. His father kidnapped him and joined militants, later he died in Syria during the fighting. The propaganda image is now being investigated by the Italian police. They are looking into a group of terrorists that have become active in the northern parts of Italy.

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