Islamic Preacher Nouman Ali Khan Is Back And This Time, He Comes with a New Twist!

Back in 2017, Pakistani-American Islamic preacher Nouman Ali Khan was accused of sexting someone outside his marriage. Proof in form of screenshots and topless pictures of Nouman Ali Khan were shared and social media became a frenzy.

There were ifs and buts everywhere – with screenshots of conversations with Nouman Ali Khan being called out as fake to people calling the Islamic preacher “hypocrite” and finally, to the man defending himself, it was as if all of it happened yesterday.

“…I have never been given an opportunity to have these claims specifically brought to me and to respond to them in any attempt to resolve the matter. This is not about my reputation. This is to protect these alleged victims, my family and the ummah. If I am invited to such a meeting, I will not refuse,”

With this matter, Nouman Ali Khan kept a low profile for quite some time. Referred to as Ustaad, the Islamic preacher didn’t make many public appearances or even appearances on social media for a while.

Nouman Ali Khan is Back With his Islamic Lectures and this Time, There’s a Twist!

The Islamic preacher started making a lot of appearances before and during Ramadan. For every roza, he shares a recorded video covering different subjects.

For Example:

And They Have Some Great Message In Them

They are between 18 to 20 minutes and all have a great meaning and lesson in them. These are usually duas and Ustaad Nouman speaks in English in these videos.

Aside from the Recorded Videos, Nouman Ali Khan Comes Live Regularly and Speaks to the Viewers in Urdu

The Islamic scholar begins with reciting a Surah and then talks about an Islamic event in Urdu only.

And He Does That Off and On

It is good to see that Nouman Ali Khan is back, given that he has a lighter approach to preaching Islam, something we don’t see Islamic scholars follow a lot. And it also seems that people have forgotten about the incident which took place regarding his actions since many didn’t believe them.

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