These 5 Islamic Etiquette Of Using Public Toilets Will Make Everyone's Life Easier!

These 5 Islamic Etiquette Of Using Public Toilets Will Make Everyone’s Life Easier!

Considering how some Pakistanis would rather pay attention if it’s Islamic, we Muslims have plenty of thanks to give to Allah SWT for addressing the manners that are required for a Muslim to observe when entering toilets; public at that. Sadly, Islam has become selective for most of the ummah and they choose the parts that benefit them. It’s has become a pain to use public washrooms as people make sure to leave their ‘trails’ behind.

Using public washrooms is an experience no one looks forward to, courtesy of the users that leave it in disgusting conditions. Islam is a complete religion and the Holy Quran is a book that is a complete guide. The religion has provided us various etiquette and similarly, visiting washrooms has some too.

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Here are the top few etiquettes when visiting public washrooms!

1. Make sure once you are done with your business, you clean.

Yes, it’s a basic one and is advised in Islam, as well. There is a flush button for a reason. It’s absolutely rude and horrific to leave your feces or urine behind as if it is the next guy’s problem. What’s worse is when the contents are not inside the toilet but around the seat. It is understandable that it is not your toilet, hence, you do not feel the need to make sure you are careful but the least you can do is make the next user’s life easier.

2. Don’t steal toiletries.

Just don’t, especially if its the lock of the door. Stealing is a sin in Islam anyway, but what is mind-boggling is people actually steal the door locks from the public washrooms. It is a big NO. Stealing the lock leads to another sin in your book of deeds and that is exposing a fellow Muslim in his most compromising situation.

3.  Respecting the privacy of others, do not converse while doing your business.

Don’t make it uncomfortable for people in other cubicles by attending calls while you attend your call to nature. Let’s not even get to the point where people get bored enough to try engaging someone beside them in a conversation. Please respect the alone-time of others and stay quiet, do your business, clean after yourself and leave. Simple!

4. Public toilets are infested with germs but don’t go over board with your extra-hygiene routine.

People who would aggressively rub their hands splashing water everywhere or use way too much of the tissue to wipe their hands or the toilet seat, leaving hardly any behind; just don’t. Especially during ablution when you would spray the person behind you as you perform wudhu. It is advised to do everything in moderation.

5. Don’t abuse, just use… as a human.

Often times when you are done with your business, you make a horrifying discovery that the flushing handle is broken. People use everything aggressively to the point that either the fixtures are loose or simply broken. Use everything carefully knowing your irresponsible behavior will create discomfort for others.

Islam advises conscious, civilized and courteous behavior, even when you are using public washrooms. However, we Muslims have forgotten most of the iklaaq Islam teaches us. Let’s make sure to be conscious of where we are and behave! Cleanliness is half of Muslim’s faith; keeping the light humor aside, every Muslim should practice cleanliness in every part of their lives.

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