Constable Amir Baig Awarded Rs.10k For His Kindness By IG Islamabad!

Constable Amir Baig Awarded Rs.10k For His Kindness By IG Islamabad!

Constable Amir Baig Awarded Rs.10k For His Kindness By IG Islamabad

In these harsh times where every Pakistani news headline shows a new horrific side to this society inducing a sense of hopelessness and sorrow onto its consumers, a ray of light peeks through every once in awhile restoring faith in humans. This time, it is a traffic police constable from Islamabad that is winning everyone’s heart.

His video has gone viral where he is seen helping out a disabled man; with a little struggle and a gentle push, he managed to help the man climb; who was on his way to join Azadi March.

Islamabad Police Constable Amir Baig

The name of this duty-bound and kind constable is Amir Baig. He hasn’t just elevated his own integrity by doing a righteous deed but also promoted a positive image of the police force in Islamabad. It’s important to know how one’s actions can affect so many aspects surrounding them.

Moreover, his kindness was not only lauded by social media alone but IG Islamabad took great notice of the incident. In addition to this, IG Muhammad Amir Zulfiqar Khan decided to award Amir Baig on setting a great example.

IG Islamabad announced a 10,000 rupees award along with a certificate for Amir. Here’s the beautiful video:

Positive and kind actions helping the community should be awarded by the concerned authorities to enforce the idea of goodness. This will encourage others to follow the same footsteps instilling values that are needed to make this world a better place.

IG Islamabad, just like Constable Amir Baig has proven to be of sound mind, possessing great leadership qualities. Pakistan’s police force has garnered a bad reputation following some disappointing incidents, involving police thuggery.

It is important to show the other side of the force as well. So the honest and hardworking officials that are working for the greater good of this country are not overshadowed by the black-sheep in this organization.

Social media cheers at Amir Baig and Islamabad Police:

Truly! It made everyone’s day. 

Absolutely! Acknowledgment is always a great factor in promoting the right course of action. 

Indeed. The good work done by our law enforcing agencies should also get media coverage. 

Constable Amir restoring faith in humanity!

Well said. However, moral and ethical corruption dominates. 

‘Shabash’ is a great way to praise the Islamabad police force. 

Twitter users raised some great points; which included better facilities for the differently-abled along with more media coverage for the police officials that are honestly serving this community without a shred of greediness and personal-gains.

Positive stories like these truly brighten the dull day. We congratulate Amir Baig and hope that he continues to inspire his colleagues and Pakistan, like today.



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