Is Yahoodi Sazish A Reality? Serious Conspiracy Against Muslims Or Just An Illusion?

Is Yahoodi Sazish A Reality? Serious Conspiracy Against Muslims Or Just An Illusion?

Yahoodi Sazish conspiracy muslims

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The story has been submitted by Faraiba Ahmed.

Yahoodi sazish ‘Jewish conspiracy’ is a common term amongst the Pakistani nation and the most debated topic as well, it is defined as a lobby plotting against Muslim states to attack their economic, moral, social, and cultural fronts.

It is not really old. We have heard stories of Osama Bin Laden entitled initially as Yahoodi agent and installed in Afghanistan against Soviet forces. Another conspiracy theory talked about him rebelling against his maker organization and emerged as an independent head of the Taliban. Malala Yousafzai is also a Yahoodi sazish by the way.

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The best thing about our nation is being overly concerned about Yahoodi agency, plotting against Pakistan. People love these theories rather than focusing on actual problems.

The notion of Yahoodi Sazish and its evolution gained momentum after 9/11. Soon the United States waged a war in Afghanistan in response to the attack on World Trade Center. The biggest Yahoodi sazish is the current Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Be it ‘Aurat March’ or the coronavirus pandemic, we quickly link them to Yahoodi sazish.

My country fellows need to think and act rationally about the matters happening around them. If Pakistan is suffering from issues such as economic instability, mismanagement, poverty, or inflation how come we put the blame on others? How come we blame Yahoodi sazish for the vulgar content on TikTok, Bigo, and YouTube?

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My dear fellow Pakistanis, humans are born with wisdom and with the ability to decide what is best for them.

That is the reason Allah Almighty created this world that would lead us to heaven and hell as per our actions and choices. Our choices and preferences determine our status as humans. We are enabled to differentiate between right and wrong. No?

An analysis of the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us that he strictly stopped Muslims from ‘blame game’. He taught us to find evidence and witnesses to justify our arguments. Meanwhile, our Holy Book Quran has also taught humans to explore the world and be ready for the challenges it offers.

yahoodi sazish

On the contrary, we as Ummah and a nation both rely on the blame game without looking into the realities. Let’s suppose that conspiracies are behind everything happening in the Muslim world. Are we even ready to tackle them?

On the other hand, a majority of us die to get foreign citizenship. We follow the west, love their technologies, and are a fan of their fashion trends. If we loath them being the culprits of our destruction then we must stop relying on them.

Time has come that we must get rid of finding fault in others instead of working on ourselves. We must equip ourselves economically, socially, politically, and religiously. As a nation, we have to take responsibility for our actions instead of finding the so-called Yahoodi agents.

Theories of Yahoodi sazish only promote intolerance, dissatisfaction, hatred, and extremism. We as a nation are doing more harm to ourselves than others.

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