“Is that school good? Yes… It has a beautiful building.”

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Getting a child to the best possible school is a wish of every parent. Well, almost everyone. But then the question arises: what makes a school good? What is the standard to reach that conclusion? The answer is inconclusive. It is very much inconclusive in the case of Pakistan. Parents have set varying measures to make the final call which could be the tuition fee, the size and beauty of the building, word of mouth and even peer pressure. If some people in your circle are respected and have their kids in a certain school, it is determined to be the best.

When a kindergarten or primary school child enters the beautiful, luxurious and lavish building that they call school, he or she is bound to be impressed by the infrastructure. There, the ‘best’ school maybe providing your child comfortable seating, central AC, LED TVs and what not. It’s not just a school. It’s a piece of luxury. And for many rich Pakistani parents, that is the standard of being the best school.


Source: matric-results.blogspot.com

Go around to the next street and you will find parents sending their children to schools which demand tuition fee ranging from Rs 15,000 per month to even Rs 30,000 and more and it doesn’t stop there. They will even tell you to get expensive school bags, stationary, books and uniforms from the same school or their ‘associate’ shops. Why? Because that’s how businesses run!

 And as these schooling businesses are minting money, what do the parents do? They are blinded into thinking that their children are getting the best education. If it hurts the pocket, it’s bound to be the best!


Source: facebook.com

Today, most private schools, if not all, are considered as booming businesses.  Even recession does not hurt their cash flow. Their erecting beautiful buildings, hiring good looking staff, demanding huge fee and using latest technology is the perfect recipe to making millions.

It’s a flawless formula to fill their bank accounts. And for many of the elite Pakistani parents: these extravagant schools are the best. They have become a status symbol.

With all the comfort and glow these schools emit, there is an unimportant and forgotten variable: it’s called ‘education’. And nobody has time for that. I mean, what on earth are private tuition for?

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