5 Irritating Things People Do To Make Us Go Mad

I am not a perfectionist and I don’t think I have “OCD” and I totally understand that things are not always how we like or want, I am really okay with that, but there are numerous things which irritate the hell out of me, and I am sure most  of the people can share my pain.

1. People talking with a mouth full of food

Seriously what on planet is wrong with them? Do they even know the “T” of table manners or are they just familiar with the “T” for tabla and use their mouth for the same purpose. I guess camels are even better than these when it comes to eating.


2. People who think they sweat perfume

Do they even have a little bit of manners? Hello!! You are a normal human with a stinking sweating problem!! You should use some sort of perfume, deodorant or even a baby powder. It’s just Rs.90 dude, use it and do your part in it.


3. Tiptop but yucky hands

Above all this is the most disgusting and non digestible trait. Nobody cares what you wear but when it comes to eating, you use those hands!! Why do they even have dirty hands in the first place, were they digging a ground with their them? Utterly gross!! Or probably they’ve never seen hand-soap ads?


4. Log khatoon honay ka faida uthate hain

All my life I have seen aunties who under I don’t know what impression think they have this privilege of standing anywhere they want in the queue and be the first one to get everything. Traffic rules? Blah they aren’t for us, green light or red we will just run to cross the road because we are “khawateen” ! Oh woman.


5. I am not going to say thank you

It seriously burns me down when you hold a door for someone and they just pass right through without even saying a word of acknowledgement! Yeah dude, your dad hired me for holding doors for you. If you can’t say thank you, at least smile! Show some courtesy bro!


This is not even close to what else I hate, but I think its enough for now.


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