Ireland And England To Play A Series In Pakistan Soon

ireland team to play pakistan

After years of abandonment, cricket finally seems to be reviving in Pakistan. With more and more people touring the country world’s confidence in its security is growing back. Terrorism has done enough damage to the country. It’s time for Pakistan to get back on its feet.

Sri Lanka cricket team has played an international series in the recent past. Not just in one, but two cities. And as they return back content and safe, more countries reveal their intentions of doing a tour too. Two of these countries are Ireland and England.

As a result of the smooth operations of Pakistan Cricket Board in the Sri Lanka series Warren Deutrom, the Chief Executive of Cricket Ireland left the country with positive views. He said that Ireland might be interested in visiting Pakistan for an international game too, soon.

Feedback Of Sri Lanka Series

Sri Lanka series has a huge role in reviving cricket in Pakistan. Because the success of the Sri Lanka series has led the interest of other countries has also grown too. And Pakistan is going to be forever grateful to Sri Lanka for it.

Rumesh Ratnayake, Sri Lanka’s interim coach expressed admiration of Pakistan’s hospitality. He said that this would surely lead other countries to the land.

“You’ve done a great job in having us here and the security has been impeccable. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, even though some of us came in doubt. But the doubt has been taken out now, so I would like to thank you all for making it happen,” said Rumesh.

Likewise, Deutrom alongside EBC chief executive Tom Harrison on his visit to Pakistan took very positive feedback with him. However, Harrison revealed that the information he’s taking back with him will encourage the 2022 tour of team England to Pakistan.

Press Release of PCB said, “Speaking in the 16-minute sixth episode of the PCB podcast, Harrison said he was taking all the information home as it would help in considering fulfilling England cricket team’s obligation in 2022, while Deutrom indicated that Ireland may soon visit Pakistan for an international series.”

Deutrom And Harrison Were Impressed With The Arrangements

It is a success of PCB that feedbacks of both the officials have been positive about the arrangements. The officials took first-hand knowledge with them as they were directly put in a room with the security team’s key members. Hence, it will certainly be a plus. Since any false report will not distort their perceptions.

“We want to play our part in assisting getting international cricket back in Pakistan,” said Deutrom.

He also added that the visit has made a huge difference in putting their perceptions about the country in place.

“What we saw in Islamabad and Lahore is the extraordinary lengths to which the cricket authorities, the security authorities, the government and police, everyone has been working incredibly closely together to building that confidence.”

Ireland Team To Play In Pakistan

Deutrom also mentioned that whenever they get the invitation from Pakistan they will take it extremely seriously. It could be by the end of the year. Or at the start of next year. Either way, they will consider it and the Ireland team will play in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Harrison seconded the thought saying that the major cricket playing nations should all have the opportunity to play in their homeland.

“It is really important that the international cricket community comes together and provides the foundation and opportunities for everyone to play at home.”

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