Iran's Rouhani Writes Letter To PM Imran Khan, Requests Mediation!

Iran’s Rouhani Writes Letter To PM Imran Khan, Requests Mediation!

Hassan Rouhani Letter Imran Khan

The pandemic of coronavirus is damaging the whole world. Iran is one of the worst infected countries by the virus. Besides, Iran is struggling hard to get out of the virus amid the U.S sanctions on the country. In this scenario, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani wrote a letter to Imran Khan.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani seeks PM Imran Khan’s assistance!

As per reports, the letter written on Friday, asks Prime Minister Imran Khan for help. Reportedly, the letter urges Pakistan to mediate between Iran and the United States. Moreover, the letter also asks Pakistan for help amid the grave situation of coronavirus in Iran.

The US imposed fresh sanctions on Iran!

The United States (U.S) has applied new sanctions on Iran, on Tuesday. Furthermore, Mike Pompeo announced the State Department is barring 9 entities placed in South Africa, Hong Kong, and China. Mainly, the sanctions are imposed to deter Iranian petrol exports.

Hassan Rouhani Letter Imran Khan

Source: Times of Israel

In response, foreign minister of Iran, Javad Zarif tweeted. He said, “Time to change a bankrupt policy.”

Earlier, Iran wrote a letter to the Secretary-General United Nations for easing the sanctions along with other countries. Moreover, Iran is facing a deadly wave of Covid-19 and is going through rapid economic turmoil.

Pakistan’s strong role!

Pakistan has helped in the Afghan peace process, which will have good impacts on Pakistan. In Iran’s case, Pakistan needs to mediate and help its neighbor. Furthermore, in this catastrophic situation, Pakitan can enhance its relations with Iran. Moreover, the strategic relationship between the two countries could prove beneficial for the foreign policy of Pakistan.

Hassan Rouhani Letter Imran Khan

Source: Al Jazeera

Currently, Iran is all alone, she needs an economic boost along with medical facilities to fight coronavirus. Besides, Pakistan can talk to the united states and can help to find the middle way between the two nations. In addition, due to COVID19, the percentage of patients is rising in Iran. The country needs immediate help.

Pakistan can become the saviors of Iran if she successfully pursues the US in uplifting certain sanctions. Besides, Pakistan can export certain goods to Iran, such as medical types of equipment. Above all, Pakistan should help Iran and positively reply to the message of Hassan Rouhani, this is the act of humanity and is good for Pakistan as well.

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