Iqrar ul Hassan’s Third Marriage: Anchor Aroosa Khan Confirms

Iqrar ul Hassan's Third Marriage

Renowned news anchor Iqrar ul Hassan, widely known for his show Sar e Aam, has captured headlines once more, this time for his personal life. Iqrar, whose first marriage to Qurutulain Iqrar was well-known, surprised many when his second marriage to Farah Yousuf was confirmed five years later. While Iqrar maintained that those close to him were aware of his second marriage, the revelation came as a shock to the public.

Recently, speculations about Iqrar’s marriage to anchor Aroosa Khan have been circulating. Aroosa is frequently seen with Qurutulain, Iqrar’s first wife, and their family. Aroosa has been actively promoting Qurutulain’s brand, and the two are often seen together on Aroosa’s Instagram.

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Aroosa Khan took to Instagram to answer fan questions, confirming the rumors that had been circulating. She expressed her love for both Iqrar ul Hassan and his son Pehlaaj Hassan. Here is Aroosa Khan’s confirmation of her marital status and her heartfelt sentiments toward Iqrar and his son.

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