This Guy Just Debunked 4 Myths About Iqra University And It Is So ON POINT!

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I was very reluctant to make a decision for higher education, soon after I passed my intermediate. I wasn’t sure whether Iqra University would be the right choice or not. However, the situation led me to the airport campus. When I first stepped into the gate of my campus, I had a feeling that I have made the worst decision of my life. One of the obvious reasons were the myths that we used to hear about Iqra University from the day we started dreaming about it.

Inside me, I was keeping myself relaxed and positive, while making sure to enjoy my first day at the university. It was the orientation. It went fine. Days went on, and I realized that the myths aren’t as true as they are looked upon. Undoubtedly, I had some issues with my university but that doesn’t matter because I am a part of the Iqra family.

I have heard a plethora of misinformation; if you aren’t a student of Iqra, it would be totally impossible for you to separate fact from fiction. I am here to bust those myths out of the water. Why? Because I find my right to defend the false things, that are not actually true enough. The university is successful in educating some of the brightest minds in the country and has constantly been improving its standard of education.

1. Jis ko koe na lay, usay Iqra lay!

That’s right. This should be the positive and strong point of Iqra University. The university gives a chance to everyone no matter how bad you grades are. The platform will help you set back and do the best for the coming future. You just can’t blame them because they accept students with low percentage. Grades and marks don’t matter much and I am sure my audience is capable enough to understand that. In short, “They don’t take cream, they take everyone”. The university emphasizes on student’s intellectual abilities, outstanding leadership skills, and creative ability.

2. Iqra ki faculty achi nahi hai!


This is an absolute LIE! However, the struggle to keep the heads high in Iqra University can be daunting. Why? Because teachers here at Iqra are not habitual in flooding marks, unless and until you are capable enough. The faculty is unmatched and they have incredibly designed their syllabus while making sure a prosperous future of the students.

3. Iqra main party scene hai!


I don’t know where the hell they bought this. This myth is wrongly entrenched in the minds of almost every citizen of Pakistan. However, this isn’t the true picture. Even before I defend this,

“Baqi universities main jesay 5 waqt ki namaz parhae jati hai”. The university holds student from all sorts of backgrounds. From elite class to lower class; from landi korangi ki awam to defense awam; the university has a diverse environment, which makes this judgment an absolute lie.

4. Parhna nae parta Iqra main!


The only answer to this myth is “Kbhi ao khusbo lagay kay Iqra”. Here at Iqra, there is a chaotic block of back to back classes and at times, you need to try your nerves to get some decent grades.

I am sure there are more myths; I wanted to touch only a few of them for incoming students who may have wanted these answered by a fellow student.

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