Pakistanis Are Getting an iPhone 8 & Samsung Galaxy S8 for Just Re. 1 and We Are Like HOW???

If I say that the feel of carrying a wallet in the back pocket of your jeans feel seriously uncomfortable, who’s with me? Not just that, the entire concept of making payments by cash is a bit of a drag, inconvenient and even boring. Thanks to technology, it’s changing in Pakistan because we have a digital wallet that changed the concept of making payments forever.

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I am sure you have already heard about the SimSim app and the convenience it brings. Your whole life has narrowed down to your smart phone which also means you can easily make payments all via SimSim app on your phone. Read more here.

See, even King Joffery is impressed!

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But that’s not what we are going to talk about…

We are going to talk about how much value ONE RUPEE has. Yes, that poor coin you tend to toss here and there. It’s now worth much more than you can imagine.

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So, SimSim presents another exciting thing. SimSim users now have a chance to win some amazing prizes by exchanging only ONE RUPEE. Yes guys, #1RupeeToBreakFree!

What is there to win exactly?

So, it’s about #1RupeeToBreakFree and some fabulous prizes await you including iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 and 500 digital SimSim Top-ups!

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Grab your phone and get going because all you need to do is…


  • In your SimSim app, head to the invite option on the main screen and select “New Invite”
  • Mark the contacts you want to invite and a message will be generated on WhatsApp
  • As soon as they register and join, you will receive a notification by SMS
  • Now send the friend who joined “1 rupee” through SimSim; you’ll instantly receive Rs. 2 back
  • Users who will directly register from the PlayStore or App Store will get Re. 1 directly into their SimSim wallet


It’s all up to the lucky draw but the functionality of the invite will continue on and it depends on your usage as the incentive will increase when you use SimSim frequently. Make sure you invite people via the SimSim app and not through copy/pasting the invite text (DON’T DO THAT PULEEEEZ), since every referral code is unique. A new code is generated each time a new invite is sent.  And God forbid, if you don’t use SimSim for 2 weeks then your account will be deleted. Fair enough, I’d say…

This will end on 1st of September and the lucky winners shall be announced on 8th.

So what are you waiting for? Join the #BreakFree movement NOW and make the most out of this amazing offer! Remember, the more people you invite, higher the chances of winning!

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