Internet Trolls Have A Huge Laugh As PTA Sends Legal Notice To Zong!

PTA Notice Zong

Labeled as ”Pakistan’s No. 1 data network”, the network operating company Zong is quite often seen in hot waters. Earlier this week, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) approved testing of 5G services initially but it didn’t go as planned. Apparently, Zong is currently facing backlash on the internet after receiving a legal notice from PTA on violating the approved terms.

#ZongExposed trends on Twitter after PTA send legal notice!

Certainly, technological advancements around the world are predicting the coming future and the struggle is real. Last year, in September, PTA issued notice to Zong for displaying ‘misleading’ 5G advertisements across the country. Yet again, this week, PTA sent a legal notice to Zong for breaching and social media is filled with hilarious trolls regarding the stance.

Check out the latest press release of PTA approving non-commercial trials of 5G service!

Earlier this week, on 7th January 2020, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) handed out an official press release. According to the statement, PTA approved the testing and trial session of 5G technology. Moreover, the mobile network operating companies, Jazz and Zong were permitted to extend the test and trial period for six months but in a limited environment.

PTA’s official press release!

As per the directives of the incumbent government, PTA took to Twitter to make the decision public. Sharing the press release, PTA’s official tweet read, ”In line with policy directive of the Government of Pakistan, PTA has issued “Framework for Test and Development of Future Technologies (Particularly Fifth Generation (5G)” in June 2019 for facilitating testing/trial only of 5G and related services in Pakistan.

As per media reports, Zong didn’t adhere to the decided policy and started providing 5G services in Pakistan. With the legal notice sent to the company, PTA clarified, ”The company [Zong] was not authorized to provide 5G services in Pakistan”. Eventually, Twitter was filled with criticism posts for Zong and honestly, they look pretty ‘competitive’.

Zong, sab ‘jhoot’ kehdo!

Well, here begins the fame war!

Ye tou hona tha!

Now, this is hilarious!

This too!

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Well, currently, hashtag #ZongExposed has become the trending topic for the day with opinions pouring in. However, it seems as a subscriber war is happening between Jazz and Zong users, busy defending their favorite service provider. Coming back to the stance, Zong hasn’t given out any statement regarding the accusations till now while Jazz gathers online praises.

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