Internet Services Resume After Submarine Cables Go Online!

Internet service down

Internet services finally resumed in Pakistan in the early hours of 30th October 2019. After almost 12 hours of the continuous blockade, slowly but surely, all cities are getting internet coverage again.

Users are facing trouble since the evening of 29th October in browsing and accessing their favorite applications. Initially, the issue had been that two major international submarine cables had disconnected.

The two cables were IMEWE and SEAMEWE 4, which cater to almost 50% of all traffic on Pakistani internet servers. At first, the location was not determined but since the problem was solved, the diligence of workers on the ordeal can be acknowledged. not determined.

Reactions on #internetdown

Many were of the opinion that the internet service will be out for at least one more day. The reason being the tough nature and task to fix technical glitches that occur underwater.

There was a huge outcry on social media by Pakistani users living in and out of the country. Even though the majority of Pakistanis could not access the internet, there were some who had the luxury of using it.

People came up with hilarious justifications as to why the internet service had been down and why the service was slow.

PTA statement

However, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had given its official statement through a spokesperson. “Since today evening, some areas of Pakistan experienced a disruption in services,” the Authority informed.

“IMEWE and SEAMEWE 4, that carry almost 50% of Pakistan’s internet traffic, went offline due to a fault at a location that’s yet not determined,” it added.

Additionally, the PTA had added that they had been trying to shift the load of the disconnected users to other cables, just as network sharing is.

The plan, however, seems to have worked. Internet is a crucial commodity of use for Pakistanis, which includes businesses and active users. The growing globalization most certainly demands activity and hits from this part of the world.

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