Here’s How the Internet Hilariously Reacted Towards Imran Khan Wearing the Jinnah Cap

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan along with his fellow party members are currently on a visit to Karachi. While none of this had anything to do with a jalsa or promotion of his candidateship in the upcoming elections, Imran Khan was welcomed by the locals with arms wide open.

#KaptaanForKHI Trended All Along Twitter With Supporters Sharing How Much the People of Karachi Love Khan

He is in Karachi for the Membership Campaign Launch

However, Khan is seizing this opportunity to win the hearts of Karachiites and for that, he has been making appearances on different platforms.

Earlier this Morning, Imran Khan Visited the Karachi Bar Association!

Before he could address the lawyers of Karachi, the association awarded Khan the Jinnah Cap.

Throughout the address, Khan wore the cap which indeed was an honor to receive.

Watching Khan Wear the Jinnah Cap, the Internet Had to Express Some Extremely Witty And Not-So-Witty Remarks!


It Does!


Similarities Between Quaid and Khan…

Oh Well…


Thora Ziyada Hogaya Hai

For the Not-Imran-Khan Supporters

Well, it indeed is an honor to be given the cap our founder was fond of wearing. It holds a lot of meaning to Pakistanis who are forever in debt of Jinnah of giving them the land of their own.

Watching Imran Khan wear the cap was adored not just by his supporters, but by everyone else who shares the concern regarding the future of Pakistan.

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