The Way Internet Reacted To Imad Wasim’s New Look Is Absolutely Hilarious!

4th June 2017 – A day when Pakistan went to the battlefield and of course, didn’t conquer anything at all. Pakistan played against India in their opening match of Champions Trophy. While Pakistanis knew they won’t be celebrating joyous moments, we were still hoping for a miracle to happen.

Pakistan won the toss and chose to ball first. The opening over was given to Muhammad Aamir, followed by Imad Wasim playing the parallel overs. While there was nothing exciting about the match (because everyone knows Pakistan will never win against India), Imad Wasim stole the show.

Not With His Bowling Of Course!

Imad Wasim’s Hairstyle Alongside His Poor Bowling Skills Took Over The Show!



When It Started Raining!

Radhay Mohan?


It Certainly Didn’t!

Chirri Urri?

So Disappointing…

Perhaps Imad Wasim’s haircut was not a good luck charm after all. Neither did he bowl well, but also went out on a duck against India’s bowling side.

Congratulations team Pakistan…for playing with our feelings again.

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