These Hilarious Reactions by Pakistanis over the Internet Failure Are Simply Priceless

Gone are the days when you only needed oxygen, water to live; Internet is the newest member of the clan called, “We make life on earth.”

But Pakistani people were not having it at all. The sight of us miserably staring at our loading screens. The Game of Thrones episode got leaked but nobody got to watch it, thanks to our connections. All hell broke loose. Our phones breathed a sigh of relief. We sat with our families, talked to them, got to know them, listened to our stories. It was all cool until the next minute we scrambled to our phones, turned the Internet on and embraced the moment of constant horror. Still no Internet.

While Pakistanis were trying to surf using the dying signals, dead speed and the nerve wrecking connectivity, Twitter was a rumble of crazy humour. It’s very modern-Pakistani that we scramble towards Twitter to cry out our problems. We all did the same. Ironically when the Internet was down, Pakistan Twitter exploded.

Sit back, relax, grab a drink, grab pop corns and enjoy this ride…

You’re lucky if you missed it because we’re about to bring you the best of Pakistani people on the Internet.

The birth of epic banter – give this guy a medal

via Twitter

Pakistani people did not wish to tolerate any BS when the Internet wasn’t working, meanwhile –

Maryam Nawaz: Hold My CHARS

Never close the door on an opportunity until you’ve had a chance to hear the offer – said idk who

Some random shark was receiving hate for no reason at all

Dammit, guys! Leave the poor shark alone. These pictures are from 2015 and it has nothing to do with our slow internet. Get a better connection, maybe?


No internet is the first sign of Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse? Time to call…

Any The Walking Dead fans?


And how jealous we were of all those people who were enjoying a seamless internet service?

Watching their absolutely PERFECT relationship

While the rest of deprived souls were like

via Mashable

Some people must be laughing at us goons


Now the million dollar question: who were the lucky Pakistanis to enjoy all of this when it was happening live? Hint: Telenor

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