Pakistan Isn’t Mad At Pietersen & Company For Not Playing The Final In Lahore & Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Either

It was largely promised prior to the commence of PSL’s second season that the tournament final would take place in Pakistan, in Lahore. Many rooted for the decision for a Lahore-finale while others doubted the move for security reasons.

The event did saw a heap of opposition in the aftermath of the tragic Lahore blast. It equally summoned strict security measures in all corners of Lahore, and final of a cricket tournament as coveted and as hyped as PSL seemed like a no-brainer.

Source: World for Travel

Source: World for Travel

But the Punjab government and PCB have joined hands in taking measures to make the PSL finale a safe and secure event. However, since terrorism looms large around something as big as PSL finale, it rushes fear in some people, exclusively the foreigners who are already prone towards heeding media propagandists and be threatened by real events.

Source: Sky Sports

Source: Sky Sports

Quetta Gladiators, the first team to reach the final in Lahore consists of 3 major international players namely, England legend, Kevin Pietersen, English batsmen Luke Wright and bowler Tymal Mills.

Here are Mills and Luke Wright speaking to the fans…

Mills and Pietersen have put through star-studded performances that partly makes the PSL 2017 a memorable one. However, when it came to the decision of joining the final in Lahore, all the foreign players refused.

We think these players are fair enough on their part and here’s why:

  1. They’re away from home, their security and safety must be the first priority. Their families must be vulnerable, leaving them in no position for taking a risk.
  2. There’s actually a chance that God forbid something happens amid the hype of a Lahore finale.
  3. They have already contributed much to this league; their vulnerability must not be compromised.
Source: PSL Live Streaming | Pakistan Super League 2017

Source: PSL Live Streaming | Pakistan Super League 2017

…and here is how many Pakistanis agree with it!

We cannot be more grateful to Kevin Pietersen, Tymal Mills and Luke Wright for gracing PSL 2017 with their commendable performances. Hoping to see them again in the 3rd installment of PSL.

Let’s give Quetta Gladiators a shout out ahead of the final in Lahore!

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