Interesting Things That Happened At ‘LSA 2018’ But They Never Showed You On TV

Celebrities, glitz and glamour – LSA 2018 was one hell of a glamorous event!

The 17th Annual LUX Style awards was a grand event and one-of-a-kind, with power-packed performances by leading celebrities of Pakistan. Moreover, iconic figures of Pakistan graced the event with their presence. But apart from all the glamour, celebrities, lights, paparazzi and what not, did you ever think about the hard-work and efforts that are required to give you a fun-filled event?

And you know what it takes to give everyone a flawless performance at the awards? Well, see for yourself!

Have a look these behind the scene videos of the LSA 2018 rehearsals!


Mahira in action! <3

Lots of singing!!!


Mawra <3

These sisters are the cutest!

And how can we miss out on our favorite on-screen couple?!

Can you guess who they are? Well, guess away!

The beautiful Ainy Jaffri!

So cute!! These rehearsals are NOT easyyyy!!

Adnan Malik and Sadaf Kanwal during their flight to Lahore for LSA 2018!

It’s amazing to see how much more there is to witness and how much effort these celebrities put in their work just to give us their best performance and to keep us entertained! The videos clearly prove their hard-work and we appreciate every single one of them!

Dear, Pakistani celebrities, keep rocking and keep making us proud,

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