Do You Believe In Fairies? Here Are Some Interesting Stories About ‘Chitral Ki Pariyan’

Chitral Ki Pariyan Fairies

Fairies are described as human in appearance and having magical powers. Teensy-weensy fairies of various kinds, sizes, and shapes have been reported through centuries. Among the mythologies and folklore of Northern Pakistan, particularly in Chitral, fairies or Chitral ki Pariyan possess a great deal of significance.

Fairies deeply ingrain in archaic traditions, everyday life, and the culture of Chitral. Buckle up, folks! You are about to discover some really interesting myths of fairies or Chitral ki Pariyan.

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Taking to Twitter, a user talked about the mythology of fairies in Chitral. “Before we begin, I’d understand that people not from Northern Pak would find this a difficult concept to grasp. Simply put, fairies (pariyan) are a special class of Djinns found in Chitral and often interact with locals,” he began.

chitral fairies
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Meanwhile, fairies are known as ‘Peris’ in Khowar. Besides, fairies of Chitral are said to be extremely beautiful. Moreover, they occupy the high mountain tops.

However, fairies inhabit nature and settle on mountains. Legends say the Terich Mir, the tallest mountain of the Hindu Kush, is their largest settlement and home, where their rulers live within a golden palace.

Hierarchal system of the fairies

“The fairies have their own hierarchal system including Royals and nobility and also intermarry within themselves and often with humans too.” Meanwhile, in the archaic mythology of Chitral, the fairies played an important role in shepherding two of the most important symbols of the region. Moreover, the Markhors and Ibex sheep, the latter being Pakistan’s national animal.

“If some hot-headed hunter still commenced with the hunt upon seeing this clear sign from the airy not to take such a decision, the fairy would go towards retribution, often bringing despair and killing the hunter.”

‘Fairies had power over the weather’

Meanwhile, people believed the fairies had powers over the weather back in the olden days, and if it rained heavily they would put an offering in the coals to give off a kind of smell to frighten off the fairies, this created the Vore Direk.

Since the royals of Hunza and Skardu were considered half-fairy offspring, the locals believed them to be endowed with such powers. In addition to this, the locals believed that the Thams of Hunza and Maqpons of Skardu were able to bring down rain from the skies.

Are fairies of Chitral Muslims?

They believe a fairy to be alive and that she and her progeny take immense interest in the matters of Chitral.

Ah! We are lost already! Meanwhile, did you know there is also a centuries-old jinn in Chitral who attacks traveler from behind?

Moreover, you might also enjoy the tale of fairies and jinns of Jheel Saif-ul-Mulook!

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