Instead Of Dancing And Shouting, Here Is How Pakistanis Should Celebrate The Victory Of Champions Trophy 2017

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A great day for whole Pakistani nation, an amazing game by the players. There are celebrations all around the world, Alhamdulilah.

But take a break here, did we celebrate the victory the way it should have been celebrated?

Source: Quora

I guess NO. It was a gift from Allah in this blessed month on one of the blessed nights. Allah made us all happy. But what did we do? Were we able to make Allah happy? Did we thank HIM?

Source: Quora

Don’t you think the best way of celebration would have been offering shukarana Salah? 2 Rakat of shukarana arranged in Mosques, instead of dancing and shouting in this blessed month. This month requires RESPECT, as it is one out of four months that Allah has said are respectful.

May Allah guide us all and allow us to thank HIM in the most appropriate way, Ameen.

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