Threads Is The New Snapchat For Instagram Users – What’s The Future Of This Clone?

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Do you ever wonder why can’t we just have the messaging app for Facebook within the app of Facebook? Why take the pain of keeping a separate app for it? Well, there used to be a time when it was like that. But it was taken away from us. However, we totally got handy with the messenger app at some point. Now, it’s time for you to start asking yourself the same questions again. The only difference is that instead of Facebook you’ll be asking them for Instagram.

Instagram was among the first-ever apps that got famous for the sole purpose of picture sharing back in the days. It was a product of Facebook. But now there are plenty of photos and video sharing apps. The ones that let you go live or share instant photos on your stories. Snapchat, Vsco, Pinterest, etc. are a few of them. Some you like better than the others. But the value of Instagram doesn’t seem to be dropping.

One reason behind that is Instagram didn’t just get stuck in one place. The developers kept adapting new features to keep the interest of the audience, and to upgrade it according to the demands. Many of the features which just brought the app closer to be a clone of Snapchat but well, anything to survive.

The app already has plenty of features that won’t let the interests of its users fade away. But they still are working on it to make it even better than it is now. Recently Instagram introduced the Dark Mode and now it’s up to something new. However, they sometimes do things that make people go like, why?

For instance, this new app that Facebook is introducing for Instagram users. It’s basically a messaging app and an exact clone of Snapchat…for Instagram…I mean…why…

Yeah, that’s the question. Why do we need a separate app when we are already pretty conveniently using the DM and story sharing option within the app. While also being able to send each other snaps. And the developers maintaining its differentiating factor from Snapchat. Then why make a Snapchat clone out of it? Where’s the innovation?

The app allows you to do all the stuff you could do with Snapchat and Instagram. Send and receive disappearing snaps, make custom stories, share group stories, etc. It directly opens to the camera, as Snapchat does.

Consider it a clone of Snapchat under the innovate name thread.

Would people even be willing to use this app?

Well, when the Instagram story feature was introduced the user growth of Snapchat completely stalled. So we can totally expect anything. As Snapchat still fails to operate very smoothly on all devices. Instagram has a fair edge in that area.

The signs of the loss that this app will cause to Snapchat are already visible. With the launch of the Instagram app threads the share of the parent company of Snapchat, Snap instantly dropped. That must have made the developers pretty nervous. Because now they would have to come up with something more interesting to retain their users.

If this app doesn’t work out all that well, it won’t be a big deal for Facebook as it is launching this app as an experiment. And even if it turns out a failure Facebook has plenty of cash and resources to get over it. But it won’t be much gold for Snapchat if it somehow succeeds. That’s because the parent company is risking everything on this app.

Snap might have its finger crossed to get through the nightmare that Facebook is giving, undamaged. Otherwise, it’s really going to get ugly for the company.

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