Beware Instagram And Snapchat Addicts – You’re More Likely To Be Victims Of Poor Mental Health

Taking pictures, adding filters, capturing each and every moment and turning it into a story for your followers. You tend to create Utopia for yourself on your Social Media accounts. It is the ideal forum to boast your fancy dinners, exotic vacations and the big gatherings you attend. What we fail to realize is that we have become slaves of these platforms which endorse our lives in front of others as ‘perfect’, when it clearly isn’t. Ever wondered how these Social Media platforms are affecting your mental health?

Source: Billboard

Recently, a survey was conducted by Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) in which youngsters were asked to rate the five most popular Social Media sites. The results are quite shocking as Instagram was rated to have the most negative impact on youth. It was followed by Snapchat that was considered the second most negative platform.

Have a look at the survey’s result:


According to the research, these sites are worsening mental health conditions for youngsters. Depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and many other such illnesses may follow you if you are an avid user of these sites.  The major aspect that needs to be considered is that both Instagram and Snapchat are image-focused. This may be the reason why it causes anxiety and jealousy in youngsters.

Source: The Health Teacher

Moreover, these platforms might also make you a victim of FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out). By seeing these slightly made-up, ideal lives of others, youngsters tend to get low and envious of their friends, making them feel like a failure. This ‘compare-and-despair’ attitude leads to their own destruction of personality.

Source: Health Teacher

We all need to realize that spending an excessive amount of time dwelling over Instagram, Snapchat, and other Social Media accounts is very harmful especially for our youth. If this remains the way it is right now, we’ll head to the future where everyone out of six people will experience anxiety or depression.

Hence, it’s high time to prevent our youngsters from spending way too much time and energy on their Social Media accounts.

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