This Specially-Abled Pakistani Boy Dreams of Becoming a Social Media Celebrity

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Sarim Hassan is a muscular disorder patient whose dreams and spirits are higher than a normal human being. There was a time when he was completely fed up with his life. He has never been to school, taking home tuitions till grade 4. Issues with his body due to a rare muscular disorder did not allow him to leave a normal life like other kids.

Sarim says that there was no ray of hope in his life and he had almost drowned in despair. However, one fine day, while lying down on his bed, he asked himself some questions. “Sarim what is the purpose of your life, are you supposed to do this all your life to the wheelchair to the bed, and from the bed to the wheelchair and again to the wheelchair to the bed, you can’t wait for a miracle to come and make you walk”?

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He realized that rather than cursing his luck and shedding tears at night he must do something. He asked himself, “If I really want to be something I need to work for that, I need to plan something. I didn’t give up, I realized that Allah has made me a human being, therefore, I am obliged to do something for my country and its people.”

Sarim then decided to put his efforts and leave all the results on Allah, as indeed he is the best planner and indeed. Sarim believes that Allah hasn’t created anything without purpose but it’s up to us how we avail all the blessings Allah has given us. He said, “I thought to take an initiative, to become famous but couldn’t come up with something. Later, I discussed my plans with my friends and asked them their opinion.  All of them referred me that I should turn ‘social media’ into a ladder for my success because it changes peoples’ lives. After that, I created a page named ‘Sarim’s Site’ and every day I worked hard to make it grow.”


Sarim says it’s his dream to become an inspirational role model for millions, just as Stephen Hawking or Muniba Mazari. He wants to be a philanthropist despite his disability. In the future, Sarim wants to start his own Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to help the poor.

He also hopes of starting his own restaurant and even a men’s saloon. Sarim further said, “I want to tell the whole world that people like me can also succeed in life, just as normal folks do. I strongly trust Allah and I know he is with me and helping me.” Social media has changed the lives of many, including people like Khawar Malik, ZaidAliT, Shaam Idrees, Junaid Akram, Shahveer Jaffry, Osman Khalid Butt and many others. One day, Sarim believes this new platform would change his life as well.

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