"Innovation Is Alive"-Asus Rog Phone 5 Ultimate Breaks The Limit

“Innovation Is Alive”-Asus Rog Phone 5 Ultimate Breaks The Limit

We have thought smartphone innovation has come to an end, by looking at the same design and specs. All the elite phones have been replicating the same old features, with some tweaks but couldn’t deliver the ultimate powerful smartphone.

Then here comes, Asus one of the most dominating tech brand in the computer market, where they have introduced some of the high-end laptops and other peripherals.

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Especially in the GPU category, in which they have managed to cater large audience and provided ultra-performance GPUs to the users.

But that’s not all, ASUS has also been part of the smartphone world, where they have released some of the high-end phones for gamers in the name of ROG series.

Asus Rog phone series have never disappointed their customers because their main target has always been gamers and allows them to experience bombastic gaming.

Asus’s latest edition of ROG Phone 5 has been out and it’s the center of attention among many YouTubers and other gamers. Although Asus hasn’t released Rog 4, they skipped that number and jumped towards the 5th edition.

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Before jumping into the lake of main features, its packaging takes all of the spotlights. It comes in the gamer X triangular present with compartments for both the phone itself and its accessories which includes Aero Active Cooler 5 to keep your phone cooler while gaming.

Enter Into The ROG World:

Surely it seems like the same ordinary phone, but how can you ignore the OLED screen mounted on its back which grabs the attention. Audio quality comes with two front stereo speakers, which enhance the gaming experience more exceptional, and the led screen on the back of the phone is known as Asus vision.

Asus vision shows you the interesting animation of the logo, charging bar, and you can even customize it on your own.  Does it seem ordinary now? Okay, let’s move towards the next big thing.

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Snapdragon 888 the most powerful chipset in 2021, Android 11 with ROG UI, 144Hz OLED display screen, 18GB of Ram, and 512 GB of storage along with a 6000mAh power battery.

It does not just contain the powerful battery, but also fast charging capability as well

Is it any good in terms of taking pictures?

Although it’s true, Asus Rog 5 surely a gaming phone, but it holds the best camera experience as well. With three lenses at back, 16, 13, and 1.6Um with the SONY IMX686 and 24MP front.

So, apart from gaming, you can utilize it for your video content in 8k and 4k slow motion with pro mode. Still some doubts regarding the camera?

Accessories Mandatory

These specs don’t seem like an ordinary smartphone, ASUS pushing the boundaries of smartphone expectations and focusing on creating something unique.

Like the previous edition, Asus Rog 5 comes with the air-sensitive shoulder triggers dubbed “Air Triggers”. That’s why they have also launched Asus Kunai 3 gamepad, which lets the gamer boost up their performance.

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But for that, you might need an alternative case bumper to fix the controller and attach it.

Apart from the gamepad, Aero Active Cooler undoubtedly helps in reducing the surface temperature up to 15°C and the CPU temperature by 10°C. Besides, it also got two trigger buttons, a headphone jack, and USB C-Port just like the previous versions.

Asus Rog, Phone 5 Ultimate no doubt stands tall among other smartphones not only in the Specification area but also in budget too. It’s highly expensive, but looking at the phone and its build quality Asus went beyond the limit.

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