Pakistani Influencer Gets Called Out For ‘Exploitation’ After Posting Unpaid Job Advertisement

Pakistani influencer job exploitation

Work ethics play a major role when it comes to career development and growth. However, there are many situations where both party’s employees and employers are likely to face a series of dilemmas. To make matters worst, the Pakistani job market is going through a major issue of brain drain and job saturation due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The ‘experience’ dilemma

Now let’s think about it, wasn’t it so that the minute we graduate, we are hopeful to land a job of our dreams, and work tremendously day and night to get it. Now imagine this, you get the entry-level job, but its unpaid, you get to work regarding your field; but the organization makes you run in circles. You put in your maximum effort into the work, yet you get scolded, disregarded, and no monetary or non-monetary reward. The only prospect out of this job, that the organization is promising you, is ‘experience’.


Does that sound worth it. No right! Well, the same is the situation that happened with this girl, as she started working for a Pakistani Influencer. In this digital age, the trend of posting on Instagram and other social media pages; and having a large number of followers often does the deal. However, what happens behind the camera is making us both surprised and saddened by the emerging practice of exploitation in Pakistan.

A job offer or human exploitation?

The trend of Pakistani influencers has been increasing quite rapidly in Pakistan also. However, what left us to feel ashamed is how this Pakistani Influencer, Syed Muzzamil Hassan Zaidi, thinks of his employees. The Pakistani influencer put up a job advertisement for internees, where they have to work from 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday-Friday. And in return, the intern will be provided with exposure. The intern will also get a chance to work on digital projects.
The Twitterati is now calling him and many influencers out on their approach.

Although, the idea of working in a digital influence is both extraordinary and promises a lot of good experience, but is it all worth it? Especially, when it comes to getting nothing in return.

What is sadder, is how even after being called out for his unethical practice. instead of accepting it, he is downright defending his stance. This isn’t right! Not only is it exploitation of human resources; rather it might lead to many young and vibrant minds from giving up on their dreams completely.

Such a practice of human exploitation and workplace politics isn’t something that should be carried out. We think it is not right to abuse talent and someone’s hard work in such an unethical way.

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