Snow-White Candyfloss Foam In Korangi Is Dangerous Industrial Waste But Locals Don’t Care

candyfloss foam waste korangi

The seawater of the metropolitan is considered to be the worst affected part for many years because of industrial waste from Korangi, Landhi, and Karachi Export Processing Zone. Recently, we have seen another impact of the recent rainfall in Karachi city, snow-white waste in the form of candyfloss foam in Korangi.

After the heavy rain lashed out Karachi city, the Malir river overflew with all the industrial waste in it. For many years, industries in Korangi have been disposing of their harmful industrial waste in the Malir river passing through the Korangi crossing.

Now, after the heavy rain over the last weekend, the Korangi crossing is flooded with rainwater with the harmful chemicals. The videos have been going viral where the ignorant residents can be seen playing with the candyfloss foam-like waste material in Korangi. People seem to enjoy the foamy substance floating over the rainwater. But, least they know it can be injurious to their health.

Also, the sewerage water is mixed with the rainwater as many sewers overflow after the rain. All and all, the situation is really bad in the area and can cause serious health-related issues.

Untreated Korangi industrial waste turned foam in the sea

According to the survey, in the Korangi industrial areas, 2,500 industrial units including 170 tanneries dispose off untreated waste which later turns into candyfloss foam, into the sea.

Even the highly dangerous wastes turned in to candyfloss foam in Korangi are being discharged irrationally. Industrial waste treatment systems are virtually non-existent in the country. And, those existing in a few industries technically do not meet the required standards or are non-operational.

Over the last weekend, images of the chaos happening in the city due to the rain are going viral. At the moment, the PPP government is under hot waters as every Karachiites call them out on their poor planning and negligence.

Roads were inundated with rainwater when it rained in Karachi this monsoon. People remained stressed with the massive traffic jam and the rising flood of dirty stagnant water. Many people also lost their lives, and the situation is still bad in many areas of Karachi.


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