Indian Navy Searched For Pakistan’s Submarine For 21 Days After Balakot Incident And The Jokes On Them!

So first India blames the Pulwama incident on us. Then they out of their poor sense of patriotism send their “skilled air force” to give a befitting reply; which we know how well that went for them. *Slurrrrp* But they didn’t stop there. India is like that stalkerish obsessed ex, that’ll follow you around or wait outside your house for hours.

That’s exactly what India pulled off. Post-Pulwama India came guns blazing and deployed 60 ships and nuclear submarines near Pakistani waters. So, apparently, Pakistan’s war ready submarine by the name PNS Saad was present in Pakistan’s side of the sea and disappeared shortly after India conducted an airstrike targeting a ‘suspected’ terrorist camp in Balakot on 26th of February and claimed to take 300 terrorist lives. One of their many lies.

According to the sources, “The location near Karachi from where the PNS Saad vanished, it could reach the Gujarat coast in three days and the headquarters of the western fleet in Mumbai within five days and was seen as a major threat to the security of the country

Source: Giphy

First off, Pakistan wants PEACE. Second of all, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan on several occasions after the Pulwama incident invited Modi to have peace talks and settle the differences. Why would we bother to enter enemy waters, when we are trying to not engage our country into a full-blown war? Which we know will turn into a nuclear warzone real quick.

Here’s The Fun Bit. The Paranoid Lot Searched For The Vanished Pakistani Submarine For 21 Long Days.

The sources said, “All the areas where it could have gone in the given timeframe, extensive searches were carried out by the Indian Navy. P-8Is were pressed into service to locate the submarine along with the coastal areas of Gujarat followed by Maharashtra and other states

Talk about hard work for nothing. It is reported they even utilized their satellites for this purpose. The missing Pakistani warship sure gave them one hell of a time and we weren’t even trying. *Slurrrrp*

After Long Days Of Searching, They Finally Got Hold Of PNS Saad That Was Way Far On The Western Side Of Pakistan.

Source: Giphy

The Pakistani submarine, according to the Indians, was deployed there as a subtle way to stay prepared in case the situation went haywire between the two enemy nations.

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