Indians Are Definitely Not Happy How One of their Local Websites Admired Fawad Khan’s Looks

It seems like yesterday when the Indians bashed the Pakistani entertainers on the Uri Attacks and threatened them to leave the country. While the political tensions between India and Pakistan emerged years ago, they made their way to sports and entertainment shared between the two countries as well.

In the list of entertainers that were threatened in India, Fawad Khan was at the top, given the fierce competition he was giving to the locals. The actor who made it to three different Indian films within the course of limited time was not only winning the hearts of locals based on his performance, but also through his looks. The Indian ladies were dazzled by his charms and looks.

Just Recently, Fawad Khan Modeled for his Wife’s Fashion Line and Took Everyone’s Breath Away!

Sadaf Fawad Khan Bridals launched their new line and Fawad Khan was the model for it. His broody and dapper looks definitely stole our hearts.


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Work of Art…


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Fawad Khan, Stealing the Show As Always


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So an Indian Website Posted an Entire Piece on How Breataking Khan Looked in the Shoot

Being Indian admired the looks and modeling skills of Fawad Khan and shared sanity-tripping his looks are. This, however, severely backlashed and the locals started ambushing them.


Oh Well…

It is upsetting to see how locals cannot even admire the beauty or talent of someone based on their ethnicity and bloodline. Given how the ancestors once shared everything together, the modern citizens continue spreading hatred.

Well, we are just happy to see how gorgeous Fawad Khan is.

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