Indians Left Embarrassed Again After NDTV Showed Truth Of Kashmiris Not Wanting To Be A Part Of India!

The situation in Indian occupied Kashmir is worsening by the day. The absolute cruelty of the occupation forces and revoking of Kashmir’s special status has disheartened even the loyal to India Kashmiris. An Indian TV channel NDTV reported the truth from Kashmir.

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Since the last five days, the whole valley is under a complete communication blackout. While India rejoices at the scrapping off of article 370 and is celebrating, the occupied land is under a deep spell of silence, fear and uncertainty are written on every face. But the young blood is boiling with rage, talking to the BBC correspondent a Kashmiri Citizen declared that he too will pick up the gun. pointing at his baby son he said I will train my son too. The conversation happened at a blockade within the earshot of the police.

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Living under constant fear has made the Kashmiri youth fearless.

As per NDTV’s report, not a single person in Kashmir is happy about the government’s move. Even the pro-Indians. Almost 100 former MPAs, minister and prominent social figures are detained in makeshift prisons. 2 former Chief Ministers of the occupied Kashmir are under arrest too. These are people who supported India and the use of force against Kashmiris. They were extremely against the freedom fighters. Their only crime is opposing and criticizing Modi Sarkar’s Kashmir policy.

Lift the curfew and you will see how happy Kashmiris are

Politics in Kashmir has changed forever. It’s like a marriage has ended. The Kashmiri politics post Article 370 and 35A is a new chapter. Separatist and anti-separation are on the same page and they want to keep their separate identity, constitution, and flag as Kashmiris. The 70 years old pro-Indian former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah is disheartened, as the India he believed in has faded.

How do you see this change of narrative of the Kashmiri politics? Do you think India is losing Kashmir? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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