Indians Are Now Going Against Modi Sarkar’s Failures And Want Him To Step Down As PM!

Believing in mythical sayings and socially accepted stances, the human groups varying in their own created dwells act upon the ancestral practices. Going with the flow, such famous fanciful sayings have somehow become a part of everyday life and there are minds that actually have firm belief on them. Gradually, the trend seems to change along with the evolving of the advance world and acceptance seems to occupy the vacant gaps.

Indians are coming out against tyrant Modi, expressing their will to let revoke him of PM position!

Very often people say that “don’t change your track even if the world gets against you”, well, it seems like India’s Narendra Modi has taken the quote too seriously but according to his own selfish reasons. As time is passing by, the world has witnessed some extremely progressive nations that raised their voices against corrupt minded rulers. These days, after seeing Modi Sarkar’s stubborn and sabotaging intentions towards Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), the Indian nation has started speaking against their leader on social platforms.

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Recently, a post made by an Indian national on Twitter became the eyecatching element in the digital world. A Twitter user from the other side of the border, Rajesh Parikh in utter surety tweeted that a fresh election campaign is going to begin in the upcoming years and Modi Sarkar won’t be able to complete its full governmental tenure. The supportive replies on it from other Indians showed a vivid picture of betrayal over the current BJP leadership.

Assuring other Indians, this Twitter user expressed his concerns over the failed Modi rule!

As the connections of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are crystal clear to everyone now, this Indian want Modi to be disqualified as soon as possible and also targeted the filthy corrupt media of the country!

Labeling the Indian government ‘dictator’, Indians have now started to realize that the emergency imposed in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is a direct threat to India too!

Indians accepting that the Modi leadership is totally holding it together just because of the Anti-Muslim agenda. The Indian nation wants Narendra Modi to step down really soon!

Well, that is the case everywhere!

Targeting the middle-class crisis, this Indian is scared of the country’s worsening conditions because of the brainless BJP take over!

Indians want the higher authorities to end the RSS rule and capture hateful Narendra Modi and Amit Shah!

Not only this Indian, but the world also wants this piece of turd Modi to go down before long!

After the Kashmir stance severely deteriorated by the BJP government under fascist Narendra Modi leadership, the world has been witnessing the cruel intentions implemented in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) by the Modi Sarkar. The revocation of Article 370 is costing lives of not only Kashmiris but Muslims living in India as well. Earlier this year, before the re-election of Modi as the Prime Minister of India, everyone knew the devastating thought process and it turned out exactly the same way.

The Indian nation has now opted for the advancing social media to voice out their concerns among the masses and gradually the circle against the BJP alliance is growing. The failed Modi leadership has brought India to its knees, making it vulnerable to the core in all areas. Indians are now hoping that their voice gets heard and they get freed from tyrant Modi and his accomplices.

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