Indian Gets Trolled On Twitter For Mistaking Ahad Raza Mir As A Real Pakistan Army Officer

Indian trolled mistaking ahad pakistan army

The Twittersphere slams and trolled Indian users for mistaking actor Ahad Raza Mir as an actual Pakistan army officer killed in the Neelum Valley clash. Four civilians and a soldier of the Pakistan Army were martyred on Friday in an ‘unprovoked and indiscriminate’ firing by Indian troops. Meanwhile, Indian extremists show off their patriotism on social media.

Recently, an Indian Twitter user shared a picture of actor Ahad Raza Mir from the drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa. He thought that he is an actual Pakistan Army officer. According to him, the ‘officer’ lost his life in Neelum Valley during combat.

LOL! One thing is for sure; India’s patriotism has always landed them into trouble with this side of the border. And the same happened now. Pakistani social media users were quick to point the blunder, all the while having a good laugh.

Even a simple Google search might have had helped the Indian guy. But no. Why bother when you can find out the same thing after getting trolled. Nonetheless, the Pakistani Twitter community is having a field day mocking and ridiculing Indian media.

Pakistani Twittersphere has lost it and been going crazy!

Pakistani rocked! Indians shocked!

And the best comeback award goes to this one!

For real though…

While four civilians and a Pakistani Army soldier were martyred on Friday in the ceasefire violations by India. It appeared to be the biggest escalation in hostilities on the de facto border in months.

Indian forces regularly violate the ceasefire. They target the civilian population on the Pakistani side. It is to be noted that India also suffered ‘substantial losses’. In terms of troops and material in the Pakistan Army’s ‘befitting reply’ to the firing.

However, this is not the first time our folks across the border portrayed their utter idiocy and insanity. Last month, the Indian media got too carried away. That is by the clashes between the Sindh police and the Pakistan army.

So much so that they propagated news about an imaginary ‘civil war-like’ situation in Karachi. However, as it appears, they did not learn a lesson from all the mockery they faced last time.

With their old habits, they obviously could not resist making baseless claims. Like they always do. What a shame. We cannot wait to see the reaction of Ahad on Indian getting trolled for mistaking him as a real Pakistan Army officer!

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